Saturday, September 3, 2011

Repeater - We Walk From Safety

Repeater has arrived on the scene with their brilliant debut, We Walk From Safety. Repeater’s debut blends many influences including the sounds of bands like Thursday, Sparta, Coldplay and U2, along with a dash of Phish, a pinch of the Dave Matthews Band, and a sparse sprinkling of Irish folk songs, Although it is a debut album, a finished production has never sounded more professionally polished. For a band that is just coming into their own, We Walk From Safety is completely void of rookie mistakes. If Repeater is a brand new band arriving on the scene, then all of the veteran acts better beware, because this group will be taking over in the near future.

Lead singer Steve Krolikowski’s distinctive vocal sound helps to center We Walk From Safety. Acting as a perfect complement to the band’s indie, modern punk sound, Krolikowski is a master at the helm, guiding the music to unexpected heights. Velvety smooth, Krowlikowski has a voice that could be listened to for hours on end.

The dark, dreary, modern punk styles fill We Walk From Safety with haunting tunes that are pure music bliss. Exceptional timing from drummer Matt Hanief provides the backbone to this musical odyssey. Keyboardist Rob Wallace overlays the perfectly timed drumming with fantastic sounds that wash over the listener like a wave of beauty, soaking the ears with incredible movements that last long after the songs have finished. Repeater is a band that has worked hard to craft such a unique style of music. Their hard work pays off in the form of We Walk From Safety.

If you were to take the best songs of the last 20 years and blend them into one musical treat, Repeater’s We Walk From Safety would be the end result. Any rock fans searching for the next record that is going to excite them about the future of music need to pick up a copy of We Walk From Safety. This album is a brilliant blend of modern sound that provides hope for the future. If more bands could produce an amazing finished product like this, rock and roll fans would rejoice the world over.

Ryo’s Rating: 8.5 (out of 10)

Notable Tracks: To Swallow Lost Goodbyes, Knowing Every Weakness, Keep The Sun From Rising

Track Listing
Is This The Last Time
Yours And Mine
Finally A Place
To Swallow Lost Goodbyes
Black And Selfish Love
Hold Back The Tide
Knowing Every Weakness
Keep The Sun From Rising
Arms Upon The Ground

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