Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barry - Yawnin' At The Dawnin'

Never have I wanted to spend an entire day doing nothing except listen to an album and soak in the amazing music coming through my headphones. Barry’s Yawnin’ At The Dawnin’ made me want to do just that. I could spend an entire weekend hitting the repeat button on my IPOD, playing Yawning At The Dawnin' on an endless loop. Yawnin’ At The Dawnin’ is spectacular and will be battling Dom Liberati’s The Good Hurt for album of the year in 2011. This is not only what modern folk music should sound like…this is what ALL music should sound like.

It’s rare that a band I’ve never heard of prior to playing their album makes me this excited. From the opening, hoot-a-nanny stomp of the A Cappella title track, my attention was immediately engaged in this album and nothing else. The music that followed on the next track, “For Your Own Good,” smacked me in the face like an alarm clock on a cold winter’s morning. Unlike the alarm clock though, I didn’t hit snooze, I hit repeat instead. Yawnin’ At The Dawnin’ is too good for just one, two, or even three listens. 20 spins might get the bug out of my system, at least for one more day.

The centerpiece of this disc is “Drink One More,” an incredible ode to modern life, days gone by, and good times yet to be had. The song documents the life history of the three brothers that make up the band (Patrick Barry – Guitar, Benjamin Barry – Bass, Bradford Barry – Drums), but it also delves into basic human nature. We never know when we are going to see a particular friend again, so we should take the extra time to “drink one more” and enjoy a few longer moments together. Those moments are irreplaceable and the memories that stem from them can last a lifetime.

Overall, Yawnin’ At The Dawnin’ is an EP that all music fans should hear, if not own. Every song is unique ear candy for consumption by the mind, soul, and spirit. Sometimes you hear an album that is so good you want to scream out to the world “You must hear this music!” Yawnin’ At The Dawnin’ is that type of album. If my college band sounded as grand as Barry, I wouldn’t be writing this blog, I’d be touring the world as a multi-millionaire.

If you want to hear some exceptional music, go get a copy of Barry’s Yawnin’ At The Dawnin’. This magnificent EP is available on ITunes and Amazon and your cousin Ryo recommends that you go there now!

Ryo’s Rating: 9.5 (out of 10)

Track List
Yawnin’ At The Dawnin’
For Your Own Good
Three Years In Carolina
Drink One More
Love Something Too Much
Great Unknown

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