Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Rebellion - II

The Rebellion has returned with their sophomore effort, II. After releasing a solid and enjoyable debut, the stakes were high for The Rebellion to deliver on their second album. Fortunately for the fans, the band was up for the task. II is every bit as good as the band’s debut record (Time).

While their first album sounded all Muse, Coldplay, and The Fray, the new disc sounds more like The Rebellion. The band has solidified their sound. Piano driven modern rock is the style of Rebellion, and it is music done right. Josh Palmer’s voice still sounds fantastic and his bandmates follow suit, showing off their talent with ease.

II brings with it many surprises yet many familiarities as well. Josh Palmer’s voice sounds as grand as the previous record and his guitar work is still amazing. The songs are stronger than the previous disc and much more enjoyable. The hard work that The Rebellion put into this record shows in the sound that is released. It’s obvious the band did not want to repeat their debut and deliver a stale sound, so they went to work and worked hard. The end result was worth it, as II is one of the better records to be released this year.

The Rebellion pick up where the left off at the end of Time, bringing more great music to the fans. While “Missing Piece” is a solid opening track complete with plenty of piano and incredible vocal, it’s the second song on the disc, “Save Me” that gets the feet tapping and the backsides shaking. “Save Me” is a magnificent modern rock piece with intricate changes, a fantastic guitar solo, and a harder edge. It begins soft and sweet but finishes rough and tough. “Save Me” is a fantastic song and it finds The Rebellion hitting their stride.

“The Escape” has a Queen like feel to it, especially during the guitar solo. It reminded me so much of Brian May that I thought he had made a guest appearance on the record. Alas, it was an original solo by Josh Palmer. The complexity in the arrangements and changes shows just how much The Rebellion has matured as a band. “The Escape” is a sophisticated rock song. Without a doubt the hardest rocking and best sounding song on the record, The Escape is a great rock tune worthy of many listens and a lot of radio airplay.

II brings plenty of rock moments with it. The blend of brilliant guitar solo, Palmers magnificent voice and just the right amount of piano, drums, and bass solidify the music to perfection. II is one of the better albums to be released this year. If you are a huge fan of The Rebellion’s debut album, it may take a spin or two to enjoy II. Because it is advancement from their debut disc, II takes a little longer to appreciate, but it can be enjoyed immediately. If this is your first Rebellion experience, then it is a great album to get to know the band. You will be impressed and rejoice in this fantastic sounding record.

Ryo’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Missing Piece
Save Me
The Escape
Without You
Ocean Breeze
Bend Or Break
Sympathetic Fool
Break Out
All You Need

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