Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stand Up And Say No - Assuming Loyal


Stand Up And Say No is a mesmerizing band consisting of just one member, Andre Nault. This artist is an inspiration to men like me. The 30-something father of five is releasing music because it’s in his blood. He is also fighting against the belief that a person in his position (middle-aged and raising a family) needs to give up their dreams and conform to a “normal” life. And while that story is alone is worth this post, Nault has also released some fantastic music.

Assuming Loyal is the latest EP from Stand Up And Say No and it is a beauty! This 4 song extended play contains elegant music that seasoned professionals strive for, but few rarely attain. Stand Up And Say No accomplishes this feat with ease. Every song on Assuming Loyal is spectacular. The EP demands to be played over and over and over again. And knowing that Andrew Nault creates this magnificent music in his spare time only adds to the beauty of it.

The first single from the EP (“Can You Feel”) will be available on July 4th. The video can be witnessed here: And while “Can You Feel” is a solid song in its own right, it is actually the weakest song of the EP. That’s only to say that every song on this EP is amazing.

Take “I Will Find You” for example. I could not stop listening to this song when I first played the disc. My finger hit the repeat button many, many times before I could even make it to the next track (“We Only Have Now”), another phenomenal song. Beautifully crafted lyrics sung by a sophisticated baritone voice and overlaid with singing guitar work that encases the entire song in an artful shell, “I Will Find You” is one of the best songs that I’ve heard this year.

Andre Nault is on his way to indie rock stardom, especially if Stand Up And Say No continues to make music as wonderful as what is featured on Assuming Loyal. If you are seeking out great new music for this summer, check out Stand Up And Say No. Assuming Loyal and additional information about band can be found here:

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5) – simply amazing

Track Listing
Can You Feel
I Will Find You
We Only Have Now
We Push Through

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