Friday, August 1, 2014

Six Days Til Sunday - Predetermined

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, and new to the metal scene is the hard rocking band, Six Days ‘Til Sunday. I was fortunate enough to have their debut come my way for review, and I am extremely glad that this disc found me. Predetermined is a hard hitting, fast rocking, heavy metal loving debut that fans of real rock music will love. Six Days ‘Til Sunday takes the best elements of influences such as Marilyn Manson, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, and Black Sabbath and creates stellar rock songs that need to be listened to again and again.

The first single released from Predetermined was “Disease,” a solid choice for a song to represent the sound and style of Six Days ‘Til Sunday. The guitar work by Eric Griffin sings in succinct harmony with lead singer Starlin Cross’ vocals and this burst of a hard rock song is a smash to the senses. “Disease” is an amazing single that will definitely have listeners seeking out more from the band. A solid, hard rocking blast, “Disease” is one of the finest moments that Six Days ‘Til Sunday has to offer.

“All We Are” is my favorite song on the record for multiple reasons. The opening riff is an attention grabber that jolts the ears. Starlin Cross’ voice is in top form and his delivery on “All We Are” is the best the record has to offer, and considering that Predetermined is so grand, that statement says a lot. The message in the music is there as well.

“All We Are” delves deep into the psyche of human nature and how people want to be the words that they say, but in reality, most end up becoming what they despise. It’s a good message that makes the listener really stop and think about what they are becoming as a person. Are you living up to what you said you wanted to be, or are you wasting away somewhere being someone you hate? I love introspective songs like this, especially when they rock as hard as “All We Are.” I expect that this song will be on my summer playlist for 2014, getting multiple plays.

The last track on the disc is a terrific cover of the classic Leonard Cohen song, “Hallelujah.” And while this song has been covered before by other artists, I am particularly fond of Six Days ‘Til Sunday’s take on it. Between the brilliant guitar work and the beautiful harmony in Cross’ voice, Six Days ‘Til Sunday have done as fine a cover as I’ve ever heard. It is a brilliant way to end such a wonderful album.

Overall Six Days ‘Til Sunday have turned in a terrific debut with Predetermined. The band knows how to rock hard, play exceptional music, combine solid melodies with strong lyrics, and just put together a record worth listening to. If you are looking for something new to add to your hard rock collection, give Predetermined a spin. You will enjoy it!

Ryo's Rating: 7.5(Out of 10)

Track Listing
The Beginning Of The End
My World Would Change
All We Are
Killer Like You
Afraid To Win
Cry For Love
Before Tomorrow Comes
A Bullet For Your Thoughts

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