Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Feed - Outsider

 Operatic Indie Rock---those were the words that entered my mind upon first listen of The Feed’s Outsider. A second listen has me realizing that it was more piano rock. Ben Folds meets Keane with a little extra jazz and soul to liven the mood. Regardless of how it’s described, Outsider is a splendid album.

The Feed is a blues rock band from the Midwest. Having conquered St. Louis, the band is now poised to take on the rest of the US with their first full length release, Outsider.  Their debut album is short in length, but packed with plenty of memorable songs that will be played over and over again.

As a debut album, Outsider is well polished and the result of the hard work that the band put into their craft is easily enjoyed. Songs like “Celestial City,” “Everybody Wants You” and title track “Outsider” are hard rocking beauties with the right combination of rolling piano, ripping guitars, and splendid drum beats. Influences from The Strokes, Ben Folds, and classic rock legends can be heard throughout the record.

The Feed is more than just a Midwestern garage rock band. They are a finely tuned quality band ready to take their music and career to the next level. Whether or not they will catch on with the mainstream is irrelevant. Outsider is an album that should be enjoyed by anyone who loves rock and roll. And while great piano playing is at the center of most of their songs, it is the blending of that piano with the guitars, drums, and horns that pulls everything together seamlessly.  

Outsider is a terrific album. The piano driven, indie rock sound is layered with great music, strong lyrics, and spectacular vocals that blend together in succinct harmony. If the band tours long and hard behind this album, they will pick up many new fans along the way. The distinct sound and style of their music is addictive and bright, positioning the band for many great years ahead of them.

Ryo’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Track Listing:
1.       Celestial Ceiling
2.       Everybody Wants You
3.       Maggie Jean
4.       My Blues
5.       Outsider
6.       Rexy
7.       Stella
8.       Strut
9.       Victim

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