Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Dirty Jacks - All Part Of The Plan

Hailing from Rockville, Maryland (home of O.A.R.), alternative rock band The Dirty Jacks are preparing to release their latest EP All Part Of The Plan. I don’t know how this band has been kept hidden from me for so long, but I am certainly glad that I have them to listen to now. The Dirty Jacks are fabulous and All Part Of The Plan is a solid release that should not go unnoticed. While they are grounded in alternative roots, their sound is fresh and uplifting. It’s immediately clear that The Dirty Jacks don’t emulate anyone’s style – they create their own instead.

And while All Part Of The Plan is a stupendous EP overall, there is one song on the record that stands light years above the rest. “God I Never Felt This Nice” is a song that I just cannot stop playing. It is one of the best songs that I have heard in months. Lead singer Colin Ball’s voice is pitch perfect and blends exceptionally with the exquisite rhythm section of Bobby Scott on bass and Erik Hildebrandt on drums, outstanding chords and leads from lead guitarist Billy Rommal, and terrific keyboard work by Ian Hildebrandt. Some songs just grab and take hold, never fully exiting the system. “God I Never Felt This Nice” is one of those songs. Between the melody, lyrics, and overall coolness of the song, it is hard to stop playing this song over and over and over again. If you only listen to one song by The Dirty Jacks, you are an idiot---but besides that, you should make it “God I Never Felt This Nice.”

Even though “God I Never Felt This Nice” is hands down the best song on the EP, there are other enjoyable tracks to be heard as well. “Mr Derailer” is a brilliant, well crafted song with great hooks and a solid core. “Kill All The Lights” is a wonderful song that should receive multiple plays. And “While Your In Bloom” is a beautiful tune that shows off some of The Dirty Jacks greatest strengths as musicians.

The bottom line is really simple. Seek out The Dirty Jacks and purchase All Part Of The Plan. A wiser music decision could not be made.

Ryo’s Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

UPDATE: This EP will be released on January 6th.

Track Listing
From The Ashes To Attack
Turning Gasoline Into Wine
God I Never Felt This Nice
Kill All The Lights
Mr. Derailer
While Your In Bloom

The Dirty Jacks Are:
Colin Ball – Lead Vocals
Billy Rommal – Guitar
Bobby Scott – Bass
Erik Hildebrandt – Drums
Ian Hildebrandt – Keyboards

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