Sunday, November 2, 2014

Leanne Kingwell Releases "Sunshine" To Help Boost Dog And Cat Adoptions

Most of my readers know that I am a huge lover of pets (I have 5 cats). So, anytime I see an artist trying to help animal shelters and adoption agencies, I am willing to spread the word any way I can. Leanne Kingwell is a great artist out off Australia who is now branching into the US to help shelters in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She is raising funds for these shelters by giving away her latest single “Sunshine” to any generous donor. Not only will you be helping our four legged friends, but you will also get your hands on some great music!

Once dubbed “the queen of Aussie rock” by the Australian music press, Kingwell has received much acclaim for her two solo album outings. Show Ya What, her 2006 self-financed and predominantly self-penned debut solo album, made Senior Editor of Billboard Magazine, Chuck Eddy’s, “Top Ten Albums of the Year” list, as it did with music writers from The Village Voice and other reputable sources.

Kingwell wanted to evolve her personal sensibilities, songwriting, and musical style with her follow up album, Choking On Halos. Her decision to record in LA and self-fund the record to retain creative autonomy, proved her artistic mettle. Music critic Ian “Molly” Meldrum hailed Choking On Halos as a “breath of fresh air.” The Age’s Wendy Squires declares it “so damn good I don’t want to label it anything other than unmissable.”

Produced by David J. Holman (No Doubt, Bush) at Cactus Studios in Hollywood, CA, Kingwell’s proudly independent second solo album, Choking On Halos is perhaps best described by a fan in the Australian iTunes store as, “… audacious, original, intelligent and chock full of cinematic metaphor. A 45 minute mind trip.”  

Listen to Sunshine on Kingwell’s SoundCloud page.
Links to purchase the Choking On Halos album in Kingwell’s online store.

For more information on Leanne Kingwell, visit her social media: OFFICIAL SITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER

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