Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Found Glory - Resurrection


For their first new album in three years, New Found Glory had a lot to overcome and even more to prove --- not only to their fans, but to themselves as well. Recording without founding member Steve Kline and being released on a new independent label were just a couple of the hurdles in front of the band. There was also the lengthy hiatus between records and a lingering question of whether New Found Glory fans were still there.

Cutting right to the chase, Resurrection is a solid album. And while it may not be the best in the New Found Glory catalog, it is certainly much better than anything released by their early 2000s counterparts in the last half-decade. The power punk riffs and beats are still present and accounted for, and even though the lyrics may have matured over the years, they are still filled with a mix between bitter anger, silly fun, and deep introspective.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert may be going it alone on this record, but he still manages to lay down exceptional leads and chords that pack a mighty punch and pull the music together in a clean yet not too tidy manner. And for the modern punk style of New Found Glory, that’s exactly as it should be.

Lead track “Selfless” is an exceptional opener to Resurrection. Touching on themes of not reliving past mistakes, being in the moment, and conquering the challenges that lie ahead, “Selfless” is a great anthem to incorporate.

“The Worst Person” is a clear homage to former guitarist Steve Kline. The chorus chants of “you might be the worst person I’ve ever met!” are only the start of the connection. References to screwing people over, fooling around with girls in Boston, and making excuses are all painted n the lyrics of this song. The adamant cry of how I will no longer feel sorry for you now that I know the entire story is a resonating statement of how the rest of the band is moving forward.

Additional themes of lost love and deep heartbreak are present in songs like “Persistent” and “Angel.” The stinging pain of being jilted, alone, and no longer loved echo throughout these tracks, portraying the heartache that is unavoidable to all of us at some point in our lives. As artists, New Found Glory paint very well when this brush is in their hand.

Overall Resurrection is a reassurance to their fans that the band is back, alive and well. Even without Steve Kline they are able to craft memorable musical moments. And it puts to rest the question of how they will be able to carry on. Based on the music contained on Resurrection, New Found Glory is going to be just fine.

Ryo’s Rating: 7 (out of 10)

Track Listing
The Worst Person
Ready And Willing
One More Round
Vicious Love
Stories Of A Different Kind
Living Hell
On My Own

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