Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Back To The Basics

I started this blog for one main reason---I wanted to capture a memoir of all the concerts I had ever attended. I still have every ticket stub for every show that I have ever been to, but I wanted to have some sort of detailed memory to go with those. Originally, I was going to keep a concert journal, something that I could look back on along with the ticket stub and remember the moments of the concerts that I attended. Then, while surfing the internet one day, I came across a website where the writer listed out all of the concerts he had attended and produced a little descriptive blurb about each show. It was comical and entertaining and made me want to share my concert memories as well. That thought and that website gave birth to The Rock And Roll Guru.

Over the years, The Guru has evolved, like any good site will. I started to post reviews of albums, news about my favorite bands, and segments on what’s to come. I wrote several opinion pieces, commentary about my love of music, and endless rants over the high price of concert tickets. Through it all I enjoyed the moments and continue to morph the site into what I felt was entertaining.

Now I have a desire to go back to what the original intent of the Rock And Roll Guru was---concert reviews. I’ve recently been going through my old concert reviews, reading the posts, and remembering little things about each concert that I have enjoyed. I haven’t posted a concert review on this site for more than three years. Part of that was because I took a little hiatus and part of it was because I was so busy providing new music and new music reviews. But now, I want to take a step back.

Over the next few months, expect to see a lot more concert reviews posted on The Rock And Roll Guru. I want to go through all of my past concerts and finish my review of each and every one. Even the ones that I can’t remember anything about, I still want to post some type of descriptive memoir from that show. And I also have three years of new concerts to write about as well as the shows I will be taking in this year. That’s a lot of reviewing to cover, but I am up for the challenge and I am going to have fun doing it.

Yes, I will still be posting reviews of new albums, songs from indie artists that I think you need to hear, and news of what’s coming up that I feel is important for everyone to know, but I want my main focus to be on concerts, at least for the next few months. So, if you love my concert reviews and enjoy knowing about the shows that I’ve attended, you are really going to be digging The Guru for the next few months. I will post the reviews and update the links in my concerts page. This is a journey that I am really looking forward to and I hope that you will strap in and join me for the ride.

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