Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Album Review: The Delta Routine - You And Your Lion

Springsteen, Dylan, and The Rolling Stones are all major influences heard on The Delta Routine’s latest album, You and Your Lion. It is a sound reminiscent of a perfect blend of the finest superstars coming together to record with everyone bringing their absolute best to the table. You and Your Lion is a fantastic alt-country album that left me wanting to know more about, and hear more from, The Delta Routine.

In my never ever ending quest to discover the next great band that I will obsess over for months and months, The Delta Routine hit the sweet spot. The rockabilly, independent, blues, country, rock and roll melding of music is what this band specializes in. Unique and addicting, You and Your Lion is a terrific album that both captivates and mesmerizes with immediate impact. And at the heart of the music, the center of it all, is vocalist Nick Amadeus. His unique voice admittedly takes a couple of listens to get accustomed to, but once it has taken root in your eardrums, the voice is like an old lover returned after years away.

The originality of You and Your Lion can be felt on the opening note of the first song, “Chains Off Me.”  It is instantly apparent that this is no ordinary band. “Chains Off Me” opens with soft acoustic notes before Amadeus’ voice fills the speakers in its rough and gritty manner. The rest of the band fills in following the first verse and the slow alt-country track is up and running. Waves of music spill over the ears, pulling the listener in, and inviting them into the world of The Delta Routine. A better invitation could not be had. “Chains Off Me” is a terrific set up that persuades the listener to hear more. Fortunately, the album never stops being such a gracious host.

Anytime a band sings a song about New Jersey they will immediately get my attention. Since I am Jersey proud, I want to make sure they are not soiling our good state name, especially if the band is not from this great state. The Delta Routine did the Garden State proud with their Springsteen-esque homage in “Queen of New Jersey.” Ripe with horns (including a tuba), this song feels like a modern version of Springsteen’s “Wild Billy’s Circus Story” on steroids. “Queen of New Jersey” is a dark, haunting song that builds in intensity and finally explodes in the climactic chorus. A powerful song, “Queen of New Jersey” is worthy of many multiple plays.

“Home With You” is a dark acoustic number that really showcases The Delta Routine’s indie rock roots. Exceptionally original and addictive, “Home With You” is one of the best songs on You and Your Lion. Moody bass lines from Evan Paydon overlay ringing guitar notes picked by Mike Hoffman and lay the dark foundation for this song. Putting a modern lyrical twist on the classic break up song, The Delta Routine create a new way to define losing a love due to being in a road weary touring band. The end result is the finest song of the album.  

If you’ve never experienced the delight of The Delta Routine before, You and Your Lion is a perfect starting point. Chock full of memorable moments, hit songs, and some of the best rock/country/blues blended music in the business, You and Your Lion is guaranteed to be on most must have lists after just one listen. Why not put yourself ahead of the curve and grab the record now?

Ryo’s Rating: 8.5 (out of 10)

Track Listing:
Chains Off Me
Gone Again
On A Saturday Night
Nothing on Me
Queen of New Jersey
You and Your Lion
Home With You
On A Roll
Dying Too
Hard To Blame Her
Don’t You Wait So Long

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