Monday, June 8, 2015

Jet Black Motorcade - The Ghost And The Bones

Jet Black Motorcade is best summed up as a superb offspring of classic rock breeding with modern rock. Imagine all of your favorite bands converging together to form one stupendous rock band. That imagination is the sound of Jet Black Motorcade. Their latest CD, The Ghost And The Bones, is a superb statement that hard rock is alive and well; you just have to know where to look for it.

The Ghost And The Bones kicks off with the powerful title track. This is a fine way to open any record, and I was hooked by the first bridge. Lead singer Jim Gray’s voice has such a distinct style that it immediately drew me in. I instantly wanted to hear more. The heavy guitar work from Matt Hallahan accentuated the music and helped to carry “The Ghost And The Bones” into hit song territory.

Many influences are heard throughout this record. Blues, glam, thrash, heavy metal, and classic rock are all present and accounted for. There is a slice of perfection for fans of all styles of hard rock. Raw, real, edgy, and powerful, Jet Black Motorcade delivers exquisite rock music in The Ghost And The Bones. The music is fantastic and the fun factor of the album is a solid 10.

“Straight To Hell” is my favorite track on the record. An old school, hard rocking, classic of a song, “Straight To Hell” contains all of the necessary elements that make up an exceptional rock song. It has amazing guitar work by Matt Hallahan. The riffs are crisp and fun, while the solos are fantastic. The song also has solid vocals from Jim Gray. And the lyrics are about being wronged by a woman and the journey to hell for both parties in the relationship. What more can you ask a hard rock song to deliver? “Straight To Hell” is an exceptional song!

Listening to The Ghost And The Bones is akin to eating your favorite ice cream. Once you get a taste, you just want more. Jet Black Motorcade is real rock on every level---infectious and addicting. If you are looking for some exceptional music to add to your summer playlist, pick up a copy of The Ghost And The Bones. Rock and roll is alive and well and its latest breath is being drawn from Jet Black Motorcade.

Jet Black Motorcade Is:
Jim Gray – Vocals, Guitar
Matt Hallahan – Guitars, Vocals
Ken Beradinangelo – Bass
Jon Rutkowski – Drums

The Ghost And The Bones
Devil In The Door
Burn In This House
Straight To Hell
The Devil’s Right Hand
The Way I Do
I’ve Had Enough

Ryo’s Rating: 8 (out of 10)

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