Monday, November 2, 2015

EP Review: Private Island - A Good Look

Private Island’s A Good Look was a gift that I somehow overlooked. The EP released in September of 2014, but I did not discover it until recently. I can sometimes get overwhelmed by all of the music review requests I receive and once in a while a beauty like this slips through the cracks. That is an unfortunate shame. The four songs contained on A Good Look are some of the best songs that I have heard in months. All songs are layered with deep textures and sounds, soulful voices (4 songs, 4 different lead vocals), and rich guitar solos that mix the perfect elements of jazz, blues, and soul into one masterful sound.

Soulful, swooning, and filled with depth, Private Island’s A Good Look EP is a delight to the ears. Private Island brings a sound extremely reminiscent of Alabama Shakes, a good sound to emulate. A Good Look is an EP filled with everything that I’ve come to love about music, blended into a delightful dose of four exquisite songs. Scores of other bands can be heard in Private Island’s music ranging from The Head and The Heart to Dave Matthews Band to Of Monsters And Men. It may also be that I hear all of those musical nuances in these songs, because these songs remind me of some of my favorite music.

Picking a favorite track from this is EP is an exercise in the impossible. Each song is a fabulous masterpiece in its own right. Every time I spin one of the songs more and more layers of wonderful music hit my ears. The beauty of A Good Look is in how detailed the music is. Luscious and layered A Good Look is exponentially magnificent. This is an EP performed by extremely talented musicians who only accepted perfection in the music they released. And perfection is exactly what they achieved.

Check them out for yourselves: 

Ryo’s Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Track List
MX505bii (Intro)
Bear Hands
Don’t Call Me

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