Monday, December 28, 2015

How Much Would You Pay For A Guns N Roses Reunion?

In recent conversations with Metal Eddie and Rob Rockitt I’ve discussed the potential possibilities of Guns N Roses reuniting. Everyone has heard the rumors that Slash and Axl are speaking again, which has all fans hopeful that the band will finally come back together after so many years apart. And so after debating the possibilities of a reunion and conceding that it may just happen if all the music stars aligned just right, the next question was obvious: what would you pay to see the original lineup in concert?

I believe Metal Eddie stated that he would go as high as $500. Led Zeppelin reunion prices basically. I was a little less giving with my money. I may not have stated a price during that conversation, but I don’t believe that I would pay more than $85. And I would still be worried that Axl wouldn’t take the stage until two in the morning.

The idea of Guns N Roses reuniting the original lineup and going out on a world tour is an exciting one. The last concert the original lineup played together was in 1991. The last time Slash played with the band was 1993. Yes, it has been a long time since this band performed together. So the first question that would enter into my mind is “does the band still have the magic?” Why would they want to get back together after all this time? If it is for the cash and fame, then we’d all be better off if they stayed home. That’s why, unless they put out a new album, I don’t think a Guns N Roses reunion tour would be all that spectacular.

We also need to consider who is in this reunion lineup? Is Steven Adler on the drums? Is Izzy Stradlin back in the mix? Does the band include Dizzy Reed? If this is an original lineup reunion, then the classic Appetite For Destruction era Guns N Roses has to be on that stage---and only them. That would leave Dizzy out in the cold, and would mean that Adler would have to be behind the drum kit. These are also the same guys that should record a new Guns N Roses album as well. I think I would be far more excited about a new record from the Appetite For Destruction lineup than I would be about seeing them in concert.

And would the band still have it? I’m sure they are all still very talented, especially now that they are all clean and sober. I know that they have all been keeping their skills sharp working on other projects over the last 20 years, and all the music that I have heard from the members has been terrific. Which is why the idea of a new album is more exciting to me than a reunion tour. It would require more commitment and allow the band an opportunity to really hone their craft and their chemistry. It would also produce a product that the group would (hopefully) be proud to bring on the road and perform alongside such classics as “It’s So Easy,” “Patience,” and “You Could Be Mine.”

So, if the original Guns N Roses reunited, what would you pay for a ticket to see them in concert? I believe that my threshold would be $125 and that would have to be a really good seat. And as I already mentioned, I would want to make sure that the shows were starting on, or close, to time. The wild card that is Axl Rose would make me very hesitant about purchasing a concert ticket, especially if the show was on a work night. However, with the potential demand for tickets to a concert like this, I may not have to worry --- I would probably get shut out of tickets anyway and have to wait for the DVD.

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