Monday, April 11, 2016

Barkhouse - Neverdays

Barkhouse has a new EP releasing on May 13th. Neverdays is the latest work from the band and it picks up right where their last EP (Wolves At The Wall) left off.

Neverdays launches with the title track and while it isn’t my favorite song on Neverdays it isn’t a bad tune. It’s just a very different song and style for this band. “Neverdays” is the heaviest tune I’ve heard from Barkhouse and finds them venturing into their hard rock side. It’s always good to take chances and grow with your music, but “Neverdays” misses the mark slightly. Thankfully for music lovers, it is the only misstep on the EP (and it is only a slight one at that).

“Salinas” is up next and is an amazing song! It kicks off with a slow keyboard riff that leads into Jay Mort’s mesmerizing vocals. This is the only song on the EP sung by Mort (all others are sung by Will de Zengotita), but it certainly shows off his vocal prowess. “Salinas” is a smooth song that produces joy to the ears. While it is a slower ballad, the power contained within the song is instantly recognizable. The guitar solo in the middle is a mighty one and pulls everything together flawlessly. “Salinas” is a memorable song---one that will be enjoyed over and over again.

An exceptional guitar riff opens “Calendar” and finds Barkhouse performing their finest blues rock. “Calendar” is a song that builds in anticipation. The opening is slow and steady leading up to the hook which just explodes with passion. And passion is what this song is all about. Well passion and a bit of stalking. “Calendar” details an overwhelming desire of carnal lust. The narrator can see the muse from his room and takes pictures of his subject (unknown to her) to make a calendar. And although the subject matter is a little creepy, the song is flat out fantastic!

“The Fever” is the closer of the album and does exactly what it is supposed to – leave the listener wanting more. Undoubtedly the best song on the EP, “The Fever” is just terrific! The song is deep and layered with multiple intricate gems that percolate throughout the song. Chord changes, key changes, harmony changes…”The Fever” has it all. And the crescendo ending of “let me ride with you” is as amazing as it is intoxicating. “The Fever” is the finest song Barkhouse has recorded to date.

Neverdays is a terrific follow up to the exceptional EP Wolves At The Wall and another fine piece of work from Barkhouse. Mark your calendars for May 13th, because you are going to want to download this EP as soon as it is available.    

The Fever

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