Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Nice Site To Visit: Eventbrite's Top Festivals 2016

Looking for a list of all the cool music and event festivals that might be taking place this summer? Tired of “googling” festivals to find which ones are close to your home? Wondering if there is a better way to find out which festivals are when and where? Well, look no further --- Eventbrite has got you covered.

Sure, we all know about Coachella, M3 Rock Festival, and Bonnaroo, but what about the Wayhome fest? Imagine musical festival? Pygmalion Festival? If you’ve never heard of those festivals, but are curious, then you are in luck. Eventbrite has a spectacular website that will fill you in on all of those festivals and more.

Eventbrite has put together a major list of festivals that are taking place this spring/summer/fall. Broken out by region, this site covers festivals in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the West. It is easy to navigate by region and a link to order tickets to each festival is included.

Admittedly the festival page is “West” heavy, and doesn’t mention any of the major festivals, but that’s all right. We already know about the major festivals. Eventbrite helps to educate us on the festivals we don’t know about. And there are several. From alternative, to rock, to EDM, eventbrite has it covered. And there’s more than just music only festivals listed. Movie festivals, grownup getaways, and outdoor hiking weekends (just to name a few) are also listed.

From end to end, Eventbrite’s website is all about event planning and they have a comprehensive collection of festivals that are worth looking into. If you’re in the mood to attend a festival this season, Eventbrite should be the first site that you check out.

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