Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: Life Leone - Comes Crashing In

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Life Leone released an amazing EP a few years back titled Comes Crashing In. And while I somehow missed it the first time around, I recently discovered it among the piles of music that I marked as must listen. I am extremely grateful that I finally played these songs. Comes Crashing In is fine alternative rock for the modern age!

Life Leone was a session musician who finally decided to branch out and make his own album. It was a smart decision on his part. I enjoy Comes Crashing In as much as I enjoyed Pete Yorn’sMusicforthemorningafterwhen I first heard that. Life Leone is an exceptional, talented, unique artist. He plays all the instruments on the record, he wrote all the lyrics, and he has a solid voice that works well with his musical style.

There is a heavy inspiration from The Strokes that can certainly be heard in the music, but I don’t think that means Life Leone is emulating them exactly. There are other influences that can be heard in the music as well (The Vines and White Stripes come to mind). Life Leone is able to take all of his musical influences, and all of the musicians that he has worked with, and blend them into a sound that is distinctly his. The end result is good alternative rock and roll.

The EP opens with the spectacular “Is This Love,” and it is a sensational opening track that sets the tone for what’s yet to come. Leone’s voice is raw and natural, his guitar work is tight and compact. His ability to construct an enjoyable song is terrific. “Is This Love” is just a fantastic song meant to be played over and over and over again.

“Lonely Teacher” is one of the best songs on Comes Crashing In. Opening with a pounding drum beat and the haunting lyrics “profile of a lonely teacher…” this song hits all the right spots on your musical taste buds. Leone is able to paint a musical portrait that draws the listener into the song and puts them front and center of the action. The catchy beat and fuzzed over guitar solos pull the song together seamlessly and the end result is a wonderfully constructed piece of musical art.

Short, compact, but full of magnificence, Comes Crashing In is a spectacular record that any alternative music fan should add to their collection. Simple beats mixed with complex leads and solos are what help to make this album fascinating. If you are looking for that particular sound that can be enjoyed repeatedly without getting stale, give Comes Crashing In a few plays through the stereo. You may just discover your next great musical love.

Track Listing
Is This Love
I Run You Walk
Offering Answers
Lonely Teacher
Trust Me

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