Monday, November 7, 2016

New Releases Worth Checking Out

It is the middle of autumn and the fall music releases are pouring out like a good hard cider from the tap. A lot of good music has been unleashed this autumn. And with the plethora of great releases, it can be hard to figure out which albums to listen to, let alone purchase and add to your regular rotation. Fortunately, I have gone through a lot of these new releases with the intent of helping you narrow down your choices. Listed below are some of the brightest releases this fall. All of them are worth checking out and adding to your collection! Happy autumn everyone!

Bruce Springsteen – Chapter and Verse
Bruce Springsteen finally released his autobiography in September. This was the definitive book that fans had been waiting years to see. With the release of the book, Springsteen also put out a companion, compilation record that includes five previously unreleased songs spanning his time with The Castilles, Steel Mill, and the Bruce Springsteen Band. And while some may be quick to write this off as just another greatest hits package, there is so much more to Chapter and Verse than that. It’s a deep collection of handpicked Springsteen songs that serves as the soundtrack to his autobiography. And while the five previously unreleased tracks aren’t the best work of his career, they show a true insight to the early days of Bruce Springsteen. That alone is worth the price.

The Head and The Heart – Signs of Light
With the release of their third album, Signs of Light, The Head and The Heart are getting a lot of deserved attention. Lead track “All We Ever Knew” could be the best song they have recorded to date. Signs of Light as a whole is a terrific record that should really place this band on the radar of most music fans. And for as grand as “All We Ever Knew” is, a later track, “Take a Walk” is just as exceptional. The Head and The Heart took everything that was good about their first two records and made them better for their latest release. Their hard work and learning paid off in a big way.

Kings Of Leon – Walls
Exceptional! That’s what this album is – just exceptional! I’ll admit that I haven’t paid much attention to Kings of Leon since “Sex On Fire” was ripping up the airwaves. But with the push that their new album received, I figured that Walls was worth checking out. I am so glad that I took the time to listen to this beauty. Walls is a treat for the ears from start to finish. If you haven’t given this record a chance yet, you absolutely must. You will not be disappointed.

The Narrowbacks – Arrogance & Ignorance
Celtic Punk Rock band, The Narrowbacks, have released their new album, Arrogance & Ignorance. This is an enjoyable collection of Celtic rock tunes that fans of the genre are bound to enjoy. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Celtic rock scene, Arrogance & Ignorance is worth checking out and giving a few plays. It is a solid record that produces joy for the ears. Songs like “Banner County Soldier” and “Shannon” get your feet tapping and your body swinging after just one listen and then finds you going back for more. Arrogance & Ignorance is certainly a worthy addition to your fall release collection.

Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell
First and foremost, Breakin’ Outta Hell is an Airbourne record. For that reason alone it should be in your collection. This band has not (and probably never will) disappointed. They are a simple hard rock, heavy volume band that know how to bring the energy to their music. Every song is a killer track that makes you want to throw your fist in the air, stomp your feet on the ground, and just bang your head like never before. That’s the Airbourne format and it’s been extremely successful for them thus far, so they didn’t bother to change it for Breakin’ Outta Hell. And that’s a very good thing. Airbourne makes the music that I wish there was more of and they don’t deviate from that set path. Airbourne is true arena rock at its finest and I love it!

Sum 41 – 13 Voices
It’s been a long time coming, but Sum 41 is back with a new album and a new outlook on their musical life. With short, compact, hard hitting songs, Sum 41 ventured back to the music style that made them famous (think their debut album). Their return to form is a truly welcomed addition to the 2016 music releases. A lot has happened to this band in the five years since their last release. They learned hard lessons and poured all of that into their new music. The end result is an exceptional record in 13 Voices. If you haven’t listened to or followed this band in a while 13 Voices is an excellent returning point.

Those are my picks for the best fall releases thus far. What’s yours? Comments are open. Feel free to post some.

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