Sunday, December 11, 2016

We Own The Night by Matt Karpe: No Major Label Required!

Passionately compiled by British music journalist, Matt Karpe, ‘We Own The Night: The Underground of American Hard Rock’ introduces the world to over thirty U.S. underground hard rock bands that define their genre, their generation and what it means to truly rock. But these bands don’t have a major record label supporting them, instead earning their success through the sweat and grit that makes them legends in their own right. For the aspiring musician, Karpe also shares a powerful essay on how to find success using the same grassroots, non-commercial techniques.

Between them, 3 Pill Morning, 3 Years Hollow, Blacklite District and a host of other U.S. hard rock bands have thousands of dedicated followers. But the one thing they don’t have is a major record label. Welcome to the American underground rock scene – the place where true, epic musical legends are born.

In an effort to spotlight some of the nation’s most compelling and hard-working unsigned talent, British music journalist Matt Karpe releases ‘We Own The Night: The Underground of American Hard Rock’ – featuring interviews and biographies of U.S. rock bands who have made it big in their own unconventional way.

Focusing on the underground of the modern American hard rock scene, We Own The Night details a selection of bands who have had moderate mainstream success thus far, as well as some who are only just starting out on their musical journey.

These are bands who are capable of writing arena-sized anthems that deserve to stand alongside the best of what America has to offer right now.

We Own The Night features exclusive contributions from members of Blacklite District, 3 Years Hollow, 3 Pill Morning, Arson City and OTHERWISE- to name just a few, giving a rare insight of line in an up-and-coming rock band.

“Just like when you see a busker on the street with more talent than a mainstream artist, this book aims to promote rock bands in the United States who, while they don’t have a major corporate entity behind them, could easily share the stage with Springsteen or Metallica,” explains Karpe, affiliated with ‘Powerplay Rock & Metal’ magazine. “They’re somewhat unknowns who have managed to define rock’s true essence through their own tears and sweat. I wanted to give them a platform through which their story could be told around the world.”

About the Author:
Matt Karpe is a British music journalist, affiliated with UK print magazine Powerplay Rock & Metal. Having interviewed many bands over the last few years including Korn, Seether, American Head Charge and Ratt lead singer Stephen Pearcy to name just a few, We Own The Night is Matt's first book release in the music/nonfiction genre. With five years of journalism experience in all forms of rock and metal, Matt puts his knowledge to good use, writing about what he loves, with the intention of earning the bands included in his books further exposure all over the world.

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