Monday, June 19, 2017

New Music Monday Featuring Nickelback, Factory Edge, and Alan Getto

Welcome to another edition of New Music Monday. This week we have the latest from Nickelback, great alternative rock from Factory Edge, and a bluesy number from Alan Getto. Check them out!

Nickelback – Song On Fire
Nickelback released their brand-new album, Feed The Machine on Friday. The video for the lead single, “Song On Fire” is below. This is another great Nickelback song from another great Nickelback album. Not much else needs to be said. When it comes to Nickelback, the band just keeps churning out the hits.

Factory Edge – Hold On Tight
Next up is Brooklyn-based alternative rockers, Factory Edge with “Hold On Tight.” This song is from their second album, Sunset Park which is due out on August 4th. This is a terrific song with a great beat that you are bound to love. Check it out below.

Alan Getto – Change
Last up for this edition of New Music Monday is “Change” by Alan Getto. This is a perfectly pessimistic song about perseverance. Getto sings about how the mundane needs to be done every day and somehow we find a way to survive it and wake up for another day. “Change” is a great song that everyone should sing along with during their Monday morning commute.

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