Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ticketmaster To Pay Fine For Ticketing Incident

As reported on, Ticketmaster is going to pay $350,000 in fees as part of a settlement with the New Jersey Attorney General. As mentioned earlier this month, Springsteen fans were outraged by what they claimed to be bad business practice by Ticketmaster.

It doesn’t look like Ticketmaster put up much of a fight. They basically admitted guilt and illegal practices without saying so, and now they are trying to spin it that they are the good guys by allowing the fans to purchase tickets to the upcoming Springsteen shows without having to pay the fees. With the huge LiveNation merger scheduled, Ticketmaster wants to do whatever they can to get their name out of the mud, hence, the fast settlement. They probably think the public will forget about this in a couple of months and it will be business as usual.

And maybe the public will forget, but we shouldn’t. It’s painfully clear that Ticketmaster is admitting wrong doing and just expect us to be lemmings, forgive and forget. I know there aren’t many options when it comes to buying tickets, and that Ticketmaster is one big monopoly, but enough is enough. Something needs to be done to help the little guy out just once. What’s it going to take?

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