Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poison's 2009 Summer Setlist?

As we all know by now, Poison is going on tour with Def Leppard and Cheap Trick, an interesting combination to say the least. My first question, of course, is who opens this show? With these three giants and a lot of egos around, I am curious to learn who is playing first. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Poison will perform second and get 1 hour 20 minutes for their set, which is consistent with the length they’ve played on past summer tours.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the setlist. Every year Poison plays the same tired setlist and that is exactly what stopped me from seeing them last summer. I already knew every song they would perform. There is no new record to support, and the last record they released was a disc of cover songs, so they haven’t had any new original material since 2002s HollyWeird.

There are some songs that Poison will always play, that’s inevitable. There’s no way they’ll perform live and not play Every Rose Has It’s Thorn or Talk Dirty To Me. Nothing But A Good Time is pretty much a guarantee as well, and I accept that. However, Poison could really blow their audience away with songs that run their entire body of work. There are some songs they’ve never played live and others they haven’t touched in years. As much as I love Look What The Cat Dragged In, if I see Poison perform it to open one more concert, I’ll vomit. Enough already! Mix it up for the love of the fans!

So, knowing that Poison is a very busy band with a lot of rehearsals, Brett’s busy on the Rock of Love bus, Rikki’s doing people’s hair, etc., I’ve taken the time and the liberty of putting together a comprehensive setlist for the band to consider. It has the perfect blend of classic, new(er), and obscure songs. It’s a set that will keep the casual fan entertained and the diehard will be pleasantly surprised.

SETLIST (the one that I would like to see):
Nothing But A Good Time
Sexual Thing
Fallen Angel
I Want Action
Something To Believe In
Can’t Bring Me Down
Ride The Wind
I Hate Every Bone In Your Body (But Mine)
Love On The Rocks
Let It Play
Baby Gets Around A Bit (OR) No Ring No Gets (perhaps one on one night, one on the next)
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Home (Brett’s Song)
Home (CC’s Song)
Unskinny Bop
Talk Dirty To Me

This assumes that Poison will be doing the one song encore that they’ve done for the past decade.

There it is; your cousin Ryo’s setlist for the band. I wish I could be a tour manager/producer. I would talk these guys into doing this type of set. The fans would love it and the casual fans would be happy as well.

What do you think? Would you want to see this show?

Comments are open. Feel free to post some.


Doug said...

Kinda predictable if you ask me. Here is one I would go with and who knows...might some day.

1. So Tell Me Why
2. Fallen Angel
3. Ride The Wind
4. Talk Dirty To Me
5. Nothing But A Good Time
6. Let It Play
7. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
8. Life Goes On
9. Something To Believe In
10. I Want Action
11. Valley of Lost Souls
12. Livin' In The Now
13. Valley of Lost Souls


1. I Won't Forget You
2. Unskinny Bop/The Last Song

Steve said...

i like the old school stuff. i think flesh and blood and open up and say ahh were the best albums. seeing the same show 2 years in a row was terrible. it was like i was just there. it was nothing new. they were still great though.i like look what the cat dragged in as an intro but they have opened up with it since like 90 or earlier. time for a change.
i would go with this one...

1. valley of lost souls
2. look but you cant touch
3. let it play
4. love on the rocks
5. cry tough
6. your mama dont dance
7. something to believe in
8. guitar solo/ i hate every bone
9. i wont forget you
10. every rose
11. 7 days over you (or ball & chain)
12. drum solo/unskinny bop
13. fallen angel
14. talk dirty to me

15. nothin' but a good time