Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When Did You Start Your Music Collection? - Part Three

This week we're talking about music collections, specifically how collections get started. I'm interested in learning about what got you hooked on music and what drives you to continue building your collection. Feel free to comment along the way about your addiction with music and album collecting.

The past two days, I’ve been discussing how I started my music collection. Kiss’ Destroyer was the first record I ever purchased and Stay Hungry and Knee Deep In The Hoopla got me jump started into permanent collecting.

Through the years, records and tapes were collected, and eventually moved aside for CDs. I still have records and tapes, but I’ve slowly converted everything to disc, for convenience if no other reason.

I still feel that excited rush when discovering a new band that’s really good, especially if I’m the first one to hear about them. I still anticipate a new release from my favorite group like a kid on Christmas Eve, but now my favorite groups have grown and my expectations are higher. And when they release that new disc, I snatch it up, songs unheard.

The most recent purchase I've made is Papa Roach’s Metamorphosis. It was an album that I was looking forward to for a while, and I’ve been spending some quality time with the disc.

For more than 20 years I’ve been at work on my collection. I think it’s a genetic thing. My Dad owned thousands of records (I wish I would have counted his collection before he passed away), and now I own thousands myself. And through the power of the internet and blogs, I’ve discovered that I am not the only music obsessed geek. I read every word of every linear note just like a lot of other people out there and that makes me smile. Here’s to our collections.

What about you? When did you start collecting? How did you get serious about it?

Comments are open. Feel free to post some.


g said...

i like the age of digital music. because computers integrate nicely with everything now (phones, stereo's, etc), it is easy to build and of course store a massive collections. i haven't counted my digitized collection lately but last time i counted i had over 300 albums (or whatever you call them these days).

When i had my music in cd form, i think i might have had 50. i don't even listen to cd's anymore. my ipod hooks up to my car and my cd player in my car plays mp3 format so i burn mp3's to a cd disk. fact is, i can't remember the last time i burned an mp3 to disk (since i got my ipod).

Ryo said...

That leads to an interesting point - is the digital age taking away from the physical CDs and vinyl records of yesterday. Personally, I prefer CD over digital because I am a linear notes geek. I will obsess over those for hours while consuming a new disc. I must admit, I like the smell of a new CD too. Always have. But, a lot of people are going the way of the IPOD (or other digital format) only. Could the CD one day go the way of the 8-Track?

g said...

it certainly is for me. like i said, i can't even remember the last cd i bought (or listened to for that matter).

Anonymous said...


I started to collect 45's when I was real young. I would say 5 yrs old. I remember Gran Funk Railroad had the single We're an american band. I love the 45 for 2 reasons. The first is the song (great song) Second was the color of the record it was orange that was 35 years ago. I got into KISS in the 1st grade thanks to my mother.I have well over 2 thousand CDS. As for my digital collection...well you know the deal. I remember not to long when people said tapes would never go away. Funny it looks like LPS are trying to make a come back. I saw GNR's new one on LP as well as Lamb of God. These are just 2 off the top of my head.I do think everything is going to go Digital.

Ryo Vie said...

You're Mom got you into Kiss in the 1st grade? Now there's a story I'd like to hear!

Yeah, I almost bought the new Guns N Roses on vinyl. It's a heavier vinyl than back in the day (180 grams) and I thought that it would be cool to spin it on the turntable, but in the end, I bought the CD as it can be played anywhere I go.