Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Mother's Day Edition

As I’m sure you know, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. My Mom is very special to me. She’s part of the reason that I’m into rock and roll so much. Music ran throughout my family as I was growing up, and my Mom was never one to cut off my passion for it. Thanks to Mom, I appreciate Bob Seger, Billy Joel, Patsy Cline, Randy Travis, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles. Mom’s vinyl record collection helped to introduce me to a lot of classic rock during my teen years.

My mother encouraged me to play musical instruments (both the drums and the saxophone), she encouraged and praised me when I tried to sing in a band, and when I went on to DJ and perform at a comedy club. She would even come to the shows and have a good time.

My mother has always been a great influence in my life and this Mother’s Day is a great way for me to say thanks. Thanks for raising me, putting up with all my teenage dramatics, thanks for being there when I needed sage advice, and thanks for being there now.

So, this rockin’ roundup is dedicated to all the mothers out there. My mom’s favorite band? Paul Revere & The Raiders. Anyone remember them?

Here’s some Mom’s who rock:

This site is literally a place for moms who rock. Rockin’ moms is a site that helps women during their artistic career by providing inspiration and a platform that understands. The website was designed to help moms stay focused on their artistic career and help to promote their work and art, while balancing their lives of children, spouses, soccer games, etc. Check it out, it’s worth the visit.

These rockin’ moms will be hitting the festival circuit this summer. Their scheduled for Rocklahoma, but I have feeling they’ll be announcing more dates soon. I loved Vixen in high school, both their music and the members of the band. I was infatuated with them then, and I still wouldn’t mind being a band groupie for them today.

This rocking mother is currently on tour with her world famous husband, but does have some solo stuff of her own. Check out Bruce Springsteen’s lovely wife, Patti, right here:

And finally, from the archives of VH1, this is their list of the 100 greatest women in Rock and Roll:

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