Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Nice Site To Visit:

If you’re a fan of the jam band genre of music, then you most likely know about However, if you’re new to the whole jam band scene, or if you’re just looking to discover some new music, here is a great place to start.

This little spot on the web is a wonderful destination for music fans looking to hear their favorite bands in concert, obtain a download of a concert they recently went to, or amass a plethora of their favorite artist in concert.

If you’re looking for some/new different music and/or some new/different artists to discover, this is the place to begin your search. The site can be a bit overwhelming as there are currently almost 50,000 concerts available for download, but a search can be sorted by staff favorites, highest rated, most recently posted, and most downloaded.

One of my favorite bands, OAR, has a huge selection of concerts posted there, and I listen to them quite frequently. Also large on the site is Railroad Earth, Guster, From Good Homes, Jack Johnson, Ryan Adams, and of course, The Grateful Dead. I’m still waiting for the Clarks to start posting, but nothing yet.

The best part about all of this is that the songs are posted legal and free to download. The artists on the site are the rare breed that allows their fans to record a live show and post it for sharing. Some of the artists even let their fans patch into their soundboard for a true concert quality recording. The recordings are marked on whether they are soundboard, audience, or a mix of both.

Dave Matthews Band used to have a slew of concerts posted on, but since their rise in popularity, and hence, the rise in the recordings being sold for profits (something these artists abhor), they’ve asked that all their concerts be taken down.

There are mixed emotions on this, as some fans feel DMB is looking for ways to increase sales of their Live Trax series, but I disagree. My personal feeling is that the Live Trax issues are of superior quality and would sell well regardless.

At, you can usually listen to most concerts/recordings before downloading, so you can determine if you really want it or not. The staff recommendation is a useful tool that helps to lead to some wonderful music that would otherwise be passed on by. is a fabulous way to find artists you might otherwise miss out on. And, as always, if you find something you like, spread the word, buy the artist’s studio CDs, or pay to see them in concert. It’s always a good thing to support your favorite musician financially.

You can visit the site here:

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