Monday, June 15, 2009

Citi Cards Offering Discounts on Concert Tickets

Membership definitely has it rewards. The other day I received an email from Citibank, as I often do, since I have a credit card with them. The e-mail informed me of concert happenings where I could have access to presale tickets. As I read through the bands playing, I noticed that there was access to AC/DC tickets through Citi. I knew the price of those tickets ($100) and I wasn’t interested in paying that much as it was higher than my self-imposed concert budget.

Reading the blurb under the AC/DC graphic helped me learn that there was a special 4-pack ticket deal only for Citi Card members. This perked my interest so I clicked the link. What I found was unbelievable. As long as four tickets were purchased, we would be able to get AC/DC tickets for $22 per ticket (plus fees). That was a huge mark down from $100 (plus fees). The seats they were offering must be horrendous, nosebleed seats. I called Metal Eddie and the guys, confirmed they were in regardless of seat location, and I hopped online.

Not only did I score four tickets for AC/DC at Giants Stadium this July, I paid $35/ticket. Were the seats in the ultimate high rise 300 section? No. They were in section 223, row 7. For $35 (fees included), those are fantastic seats. Needless to say, cousin Ryo is very happy. I get to see one of my favorite bands for the third time, and I saved a ton of money. I love a great bargain! As a bonus, Metal Eddie has never seen AC/DC before. He is going to LOVE it.

If you’re interested in seeing AC/DC on the cheap and have a Citi card, head over to Ticketmaster while tickets are still around!

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