Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who Should Sing For Led Zeppelin?

Recently the rumors have started to swell again that Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham are planning a Led Zeppelin reunion. While I feel that this is not Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant, just a bunch of guys trying to cash in, that is a topic for another day.

If Zeppelin does decide to go through with this Robert-less reunion, ala Queen (with Paul Rodgers), whom should they get to sing for them? Should it be an unknown? A hugely known? A has been? It’s going to be very hard to replace the voice of Robert Plant, so they should seek out someone who has a similar sound and style.

With that being said, I recommend Lenny Wolf. You guys remember... the lead singer of Kingdom Come? The last I checked, Kingdom Come was still around and making records that sell in Europe, but they haven’t been heard much here in the USA.

When Kingdom Come first came on the scene back in 1989, they were written off as a Led Zeppelin wannabe band with the Robert Plant clone front man. Having listened to Kingdom Come for years, I know Lenny Wolf does have a sound and style similar to the Led-Zeppelin era Plant. So if they were to approach someone, why not Lenny?

I can’t imagine that he would say no, but who knows? Money and fame don’t motivate everyone. Perhaps Lenny is happy plugging along with Kingdom Come, and if he is, good for him. I just think it would be in Zeppelin’s best interest to at least approach the guy and see if he’d be willing to audition.

As for a Zeppelin reunion, would I go if Robert Plant were not singing? Unless the tickets were dirt cheap (which I have to think they would not be), then no, I can’t see myself going. I did not go to the Queen with Paul Rodgers concerts, even though I am a fan of both bands. Without Freddie, it is not Queen, and the same principal applies here. Page/Jones/Bonham cannot think that the fans would be willing to shell out between $100 - $500 for a less than pure Led Zeppelin. I say pure, because Jason Bonham is the son of John and that’s as pure as you can get given the circumstance.

Now after all these years, they are finally close to getting back together and they may want to move forth without Plant. I don’t see the fans paying the big bucks, but I may be wrong. ¾ of Led Zeppelin may be better than no Led Zeppelin to a lot of people who have never seen them before.

Who would be your choice to sing for Led Zeppelin? Lenny Wolf? Someone else?

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