Monday, July 27, 2009

Hinder Rocks

I know there are a lot of Hinder haters out there (although I still don’t fully understand why), but after experiencing them live for the second time this year, I have to say that the haters are just wrong. Most Hinder haters proclaim that the band brings nothing new to the world of rock music, they are rehashing old riffs and ripping off old lyrics, and they will be just a memory in a few years. I have to disagree.

When I saw Hinder for the first time (opening for Motley Crue) I was excited to see them live. I own both of their discs and consider them excellent pieces of music. When they performed in March at Madison Square Garden, I thought they put on an excellent show. The crowd was into them, and they showed that they are a band bringing the party back to rock. Their stage presence signified that they are having as much fun as a rock band can, and to me, that defines a great hard rock act – having fun while playing great music.

Last week I saw Hinder open for Nickelback. They went on stage just after Papa Roach. I love Papa Roach and think they should be headlining their own shows, but I think that Hinder is one album away from doing the same. By the time they took the stage, the PNC Bank Arts Center was filled to capacity. Obviously the Nickelback crowd didn’t want to miss this opening act. Hinder performed 40 minutes of solid hits. Their sound was impeccable, and the crowd reaction was stunning. When they performed Lips of An Angel, the entire audience was on their feet singing every word back to the band. Granted, this is probably their biggest hit, but crowd reaction doesn’t lie. Hinder is a big time band that puts on a great rock concert.

Their lyrics and musically style may not be innovative in the vein of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, but let’s be honest, how many bands are? Hinder is just a simple rock and roll band that makes great, catchy tunes with well written lyrics, for hard rock enthusiasts to enjoy. Their first album, Extreme Behavior, was one of the greatest debut releases I’ve heard in a long time. Hinder was able to take that success and follow it up nicely with their second (and current) disc, Take It To The Limit. With songs about women, drinking, and partying, they are a throwback to the hard rocking days of the 80s; a bunch of guys who make rocking music. What is wrong with that?

The haters are still out there, but I have to say, they are going to dwindle in numbers as this band continues to catch on. By the time their tour with Nickelback is finished, Hinder will be a household name. The future looks fantastic for them, and I am going to enjoy being along for the entire ride.

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