Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Incubus Concert Edition

Tonight I am journeying to the PNC Arts Center to see Incubus in concert. This will be the second time that I am seeing them live, but the first with them headlining. The only other time I’ve witnessed their onstage performance was during Lollapalooza back in 2003.

The weather is supposed to be picture perfect and I’m excited about that! My last two concerts did not have the best weather, so this should make up for it. Of course a full review will be available in the coming weeks, and if I remember to write everything down, I’ll post the setlist on Monday. Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s what rocked this week:

The Death of the Printed Music Magazine
This is a fantastic article on the death of the print magazine. Jonah Weiner gives great insight to why the music magazine is slowly going the way of the Neanderthal. Personally, I think part of the problem is that there are so many well written music blogs out there (this one included) by people who would never be given a chance to write for a music magazine. People’s time is limited, and a blog is a quick read, a magazine takes some investment of time. I still enjoy reading Rolling Stone or Spin, but only on airplanes or long road trips.

Rumors About The New Kiss Album
Rumors abound for the new Kiss record. Supposedly five songs are in the bag (as in completely finished and mixed), Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer each get a chance to do lead vocals, and no outside musicians were used.

Sometimes File Sharing Can Be Good
I fully agree with the points in this article (except the “ban” part, bans never work). Online file sharing (and music stealing) is a slippery slope, but if sharing one album for free leads to new fans paying for other music (or concerts) from an artist, than sharing that file was worth it. This is an excellent piece.

The 10 Biggest Geeks in Rock
I always love posts like this. They pave the way for a great debate. Who was left off the list? Who should not have been on it? Enjoy this one!

Finally, The Rock and Roll Guru is slowly creeping into the new millennium. You can follow me on twitter ( For now I’ll be using it to announce new posts and any rock wisdom and breaking news for the day. As time moves on, I’ll be looking for more innovative ways to use twitter and to keep you posted on all the rock happenings.

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