Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Side FX

What happens when you blend country music, jazz, new age, and a little bit of rock and roll? You get Side FX, a newer band that not enough people know about. Formed in 2007 and building a rabid fan base ever since, Side FX is one part country, two parts jazz, with a pinch of rock. A great sound fronted by an exciting sultry voice in singer Kim Cameron.

Cameron’s story is one that dreams are made from. While she was fed up and frustrated with her corporate lifestyle, a family tragedy struck that forced Kim to totally revaluate her life and what she was doing with it. In a matter of weeks, she quit her job, took up her band full time, and decided to pursue her passion – music. It’s an inspirational story that really makes you stop and think about what you are doing with your life. Shouldn’t we all be pursuing our passions with as much enthusiasm?

Arriving on the scene from our nation’s capital, SideFX is slowly announcing their presence in the music world, one new listener at a time. A lot can be said for building a cult following; that’s how Dave Matthews Band, Guster, OAR, and countless other bands began. If the music is good, the fans will come, and with SideFX, the music is good.

Currently there is one album available for sale, Contradictions. This is a terrific disc containing their unique blend of music that can’t be categorized (not that cousin Ryo is a fan of putting music into categories anyway). It’s a smooth blend of jazz, country, rock and pop that sounds so right. Contradictions reminds me a lot of Brownie Mary’s Naked.

Lead singer Kim Cameron pulls it all together and makes the music work with her silky, smooth, soulful vocal power. Her sultry voice is a blend of Nina Simone, Etta James, and Stevie Nicks, all rolled into one. With gorgeous locks of blonde hair and an intoxicating set of eyes, Kim has sex appeal as well. Not that SideFX is marketing their lead singer in that vein, but having a beautiful woman front the band certainly couldn’t hurt record sales or fan base. Make no mistake about it though, the talent is already there.

Currently, only a handful of shows are on SideFX’s upcoming schedule, but that could soon change. As the band continues to make videos, promote their music, and record new songs, the future looks bright for this talented group of performers.

SideFX is:
Kim Cameron – Lead Singer
Chris (Nik) Nikpora – Guitar
Andy Hamburger – Percussion
Dave Ylvisaker – Keyboards
Kimberly Gregory – Backup Vocals
Matt Berry – Bass Guitar

For more information, visit the bands website at

Here’s the video for Simple Touch:

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