Monday, August 31, 2009

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Everybody has them. There is one CD or group that gets listened to constantly when no one is around. There is that beloved song or album that is never discussed even though there is such a passion for what’s being heard. Everyone has their guilty pleasure.

I have several guilty music pleasures that I indulge in from time to time. Neil Diamond is one. Even though I’m a “rocker” and love bands like Kiss, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC, I find myself turning to Neil every now and again to enjoy the sweet smooth sounds of his easy listening delights.

Perry Como is another one of my guilty pleasures. Accentuate the Positive and Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da are songs that I can listen to endlessly when I get in the mood. There’s just something about Perry’s crooner voice and that sound of the 40s that I love so much.

My current guilty pleasure that I’ve been revisiting a lot lately is Ashlee Simpson’s I Am Me. Even though a lot of people consider it “chick music,” I’ve been taken in by her hard rock edge and find myself singing along loudly to songs like Boyfriend, Beautifully Broken, and Dancing Alone. I know it sounds very un-masculine, but I can’t help myself. When Ashlee comes on the IPod, I crank it up and sing away, as loud as I can.

I’m a fan of her sister too. Jessica Simpson is another of my guilty pleasures and I even own all 4 seasons of The Newlyweds on DVD. Laugh all you want, it was a great show and The Simpson sisters make music that I like to listen to.

I always drift back to my hard rock roots after getting these guilty pleasures out of my system, but there’s no denying that they are there. I Am Me is high on my list of great albums, and I’ve played it a lot. It’s got a rocking sound and it’s just pure enjoyment.

So what’s your guilty pleasure? What do you find yourself listening to that’s very “un” rock and roll? Drop a comment and let the Guru know. It can’t be any worse than watching (and thoroughly enjoying) all 4 seasons of The Newlyweds.

Comments are open. Feel free to post some.

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papa_rocker said...

Kenny Chesney is mine...although he's labelled as country, the only thing "country" about his music is a slight twang in his voice. He's even better live. He's right up there with Joe Strummer and Sammy Hagar in my books - I love everything he puts out!