Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Nice Site To Visit - The Vinyl Generation

Nestled deep in the World Wide Web and published through blogger (the same publisher of the Guru), is a fascinating and fantastic website, The Vinyl Generation. This website is a celebration of song through memory and the way a particular album affected the author’s life at a certain time. The wonderful thing about this site is that it blends voyeurism with great music. It’s fascinating to see how one album that affected me in a certain way, affected someone else in a completely different way.

The Vinyl Generation is written by Ken Rafferty who authors many tales of his adolescent and young adult life through the muse of music. Combining deep personal experience with the music that brings him back to those memories, this blog is well written and exceptionally crafted. The stories of his personal life blend exceptional with the albums that he was consistently listening to at that time.

The Vinyl Generation is one of those rare sites that I wished I had come up with first. While I create comprehensive concert reviews that paint the whole picture of my life at the time and detail the entire concert experience from purchasing the tickets to singing in the car on the way home, The Vinyl Generation takes this idea to the next level. Rafferty does this for his entire life (or at least the portions that he is willing to share with us). His blog is like one giant soap opera that we can’t seem to pull ourselves away from.

Whether it’s living in his mother’s basement as he tries to recover from an addiction, or dealing with the pain and loss of heartbreak after splitting up with his fiancĂ©, or remembering childhood friends that got him interested in particular bands, Ken Rafferty delivers the pain and remembrance through well written excerpts of music from the time.

The Vinyl Generation is a blog that everyone is certain to enjoy. If you’re a fan of music, it’s definitely for you, but it spans beyond the music generation. Those who love to read a good memoir will enjoy this blog as well. Fans of true life stories and biographies that are different from the standard will find themselves reading all of the entries contained here. Packed with fond memories of his youth and the deep hearted feelings from his young adult life, The Vinyl Generation is a blog worth reading. Well written, well thought out, and thoroughly enjoyable, this is an excellent blog that you should spend some time with.

Although it hasn’t been updated in a while (since the beginning of the year on last check) there are enough back posts to keep you entertained for many hours. Give it a try and see what you think.

You can visit The Vinyl Generation here:

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