Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Yankees vs. Red Sox Edition

Tonight begins the final regular season series for the Yankees against their hated division rivals. A sweep will clinch the American League East for the Yanks and should guarantee home field advantage throughout the playoffs. For those of you who do not follow baseball, this is a huge deal. I’ll be watching the game tonight with both Red Sox and Yankees fans, so it is going to be a very passionate evening. Boston (as much as I hate to admit it) is a very tough rival and a talented team. It’s always a good series when these two teams meet, and this weekend should be no exception.

And while I was getting ready for the big series by reading the latest stats on CC Sabathia, Derek Jeter, Big Poppie, and Josh Beckett, here’s what rocked this week:

Megadeath North American Tour Dates Announced
Megadeath will be hitting the road in support of their latest effort, Endgame. The full tour itinerary(so far) is listed.

Aerosmith to Play Hawaii Concerts
Hmmm. It’s funny that they had to scrap they entire tour due to injuries and health problems, yet they can miraculously play Hawaii in October. The boys are fast falling from my top 5 list.

Kiss Concerts Instant Live
In yet another way for Gene to take your money, Kiss is offering their concerts on the current Alive 35 tour for sale. Either in CD or USB format and of course, they are not very inexpensive. When Pearl Jam does this, you can download the concert from their website instantaneously and it cost $10. When Kiss does it, you have to get a USB stick and it cost $30 (or more).

The Music of Ted Nugent Due Next Week
Uncle Ted (in collaboration with Legacy Recordings) is releasing a 3 disc set of hits. It appears that this is going to be a series of releases from different classic bands. The sets will be called “The Music Of” series and it is similar to “The Essential” collections that are out there for other bands. As for the track listing, let the debates begin.

A Review of “Born To Run” In Chicago
Our friends over at Backstreets have posted their review (and the entire setlist) of Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Chicago where the band played Born To Run in its entirety. It looks like this was a magical night. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a full album performance at Giants Stadium.

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my lhird eye said...

I was at the game on Saturday. Just awesome. Time to take down the Twins tonight.