Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pearl Jam Giving Away Limited Edition Orange Vinyl Single

If you follow Pearl Jam on Twitter (, then you’re aware of the unique giveaway they’ve been doing this week. If you’re not a follower, well, your cousin Ryo is going to fill you in.

Through tweets on their Twitter account, Pearl Jam announced that they are giving away a limited edition, 7” orange vinyl single. The uniqueness in the way they are giving away this single is not through the fact that they announced it on Twitter, but how they are giving this prize away. By posting a picture of the orange vinyl at the location, Pearl Jam announced the first one to find it, gets it, thus sending fans scrambling over the city (currently Seattle) to find this rare collector’s item.

The band has also announced that there will be other giveaways in other cities (probably at each stop on their upcoming tour, but that is just pure speculation on my part).

The latest giveaway picture was sent yesterday at 1:00 PM Eastern.

What do you think? Is this a unique, fun way to keep fans involved through a modern day scavenger hunt, or is it just a cheesy marketing ploy meant to drum up interest in their forthcoming release, Backspacer? Personally, I think it’s an entertaining way to give back to the fans. However, I could be in the minority.

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