Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts on Sonic Boom

How do you think Sonic Boom will sound? As a lifelong Kiss fan I’m hopeful, but I am also a realist. The last KISS album was more than 10 years ago, and while it was a decent record, it wasn’t an amazing experience. And now with two original members gone again, we are getting another interpretation of KISS.

Gene Simmons’ solo album, Asshole, was pretty heinous with the exception of two or three songs. However, Paul Stanley’s recent solo effort, Live To Win, was a strong recording. So if Stanley handles most of the songwriting combined with the fact that he is producing the album, those are positive signs for Sonic Boom.

I’ve read that both Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer get to sing lead vocals on at least one song. We’ve heard Eric sing live on Nothin’ To Lose at some concerts, and we’ve heard Tommy sing backup vocals at live shows. Both are decent vocalists, but can they handle the lead microphone?
More good news for Sonic Boom, no outside musicians or writers were used in the writing and recording of the record. No session drummers or guitarists. No other writers for the lyrics or the music. This is pure KISS in the vein of the early albums. That’s good news, because we all know the classics are the best KISS records going.

The lead single, Modern Day Delilah, is a great song, and if that is an indication of how the rest of the album is going to be, then it’s an excellent sign. With a heavy bass line, exceptional vocals from Stanley and a ripping guitar solo from Tommy Thayer, Modern Day Delilah sounds like modernized classic KISS. While not sounding specifically like the 70s era band, it still has the signature KISS style.

I’m hopeful for the new KISS record. From what I’ve read about it and what I’ve heard, it has a chance to be a solid album. However, I don’t want to set my expectations too high, because then I set myself up to be let down. Overall though, I think this is going to be a fantastic record and I’m anxious to hear Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer sing lead vocals on their respective songs.

What about you? How do you think the new KISS CD is going to be? Are you hopeful? Do you think it will tank? Let the Guru know your thoughts!

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