Monday, September 21, 2009

Van Halen Tour in 2010?

The rumors are out there, Van Halen is plotting another tour in 2010. That would be all right if it wasn’t for one small detail… there is no word on whether this new tour will be in support of a new album. Didn’t Eddie Van Halen mention that there will be new material coming from the Van Halen camp in the near future? Didn’t he say that this was just the beginning and we could expect new songs? Hell, even the old vaulted material that Diamond Dave keeps mentioning would be fine, but without a new record, can Van Halen seriously think about going on another tour?

Would you be willing to shell out $100 - $200 to see the same tour that just came through last year? Granted, Eddie said that they are rehearsing different songs (notably Drop Dead Legs), but I ask you this: is that enough? Personally, I want a new Van Halen CD or I have no interest in seeing the band perform live. And it would be nice if they dusted off the two tracks from their greatest hits album (Me Wise Magic and Can’t Get This Stuff No More) and performed those too.

What do you think? Would you see Van Halen without a new CD to promote? Would you see them with the same setlist as the last tour? What songs would you like to see them perform that they didn’t play on their last tour?

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