Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Old Friends Edition

This weekend, my friend Richard is visiting from North Carolina. Richard and I have been friends for many years and a few years ago he moved from New Jersey to North Carolina, making it harder for us to see each other. We keep in touch regularly, but I really look forward to visiting him or when he visits us.

We have a lot planned for his stay this time around, including a trek into New York City. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone into the city to do any “touristy” stuff. That could be a great time. Whatever we do though, it’s just going to be a blast spending time together and catching up. It’s always nice visiting with close friends. No one understands or accepts you better.

And while I was preparing my house for guests, here’s what rocked this week:

Hinder Still Touring
Hinder is going on a short tour of the Midwest for the month of November. It’s good to see that these guys are still out there supporting Take It To The Limit. If my calculations are correct, Hinder is going to take over the rock world in 2011.

Carly Simon Is Suing Starbucks Due To Lack Of Album Sales
Ummm… maybe the reason your album didn’t sell well is because your career is no longer significant?

Wilco Announces First 2010 Dates
Nothing in my area yet, but hopefully they will come to Jersey this spring. It’s been years since I’ve since Wilco live. Perhaps I need to travel more.

Paul McCartney’s Live Disc Track Listing
Sir Paul has a live 2-disc, 1-DVD set coming out on November 23rd from the concerts he performed at Citi Field in New York earlier this year. Looks like a great selection of songs.

Phish Fall Tour
Phish is staying on the road this fall. The best part? Three nights at Madison Square Garden. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 23rd.

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