Sunday, November 8, 2009

Buckcherry - Live & Loud 2009

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Buckcherry, the band once dubbed the saviors of rock and roll, have released their first live CD in their illustrious on again/off again ten year career. So is this live record worth all the hype? Should we go out and add this to our collection? Let’s spin the disc and find out!

If you’ve seen Buckcherry in concert, then you understand the need for this live release. Upon seeing the band’s performance, fans are amortized and overtaken with the desire to relive the experience. Live & Loud 2009 helps to fill these desires.

Recorded in Canada during their current Black Butterfly world tour, Live & Loud launches with the fantastic Tired of You that only sounds better when played live. The band storms the stage with the adrenaline of a charging rhino. They are all business, but their business is a rock and roll party, which they pull off effortlessly on this live album.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that they knew a live recording was in progress, or perhaps it was because Buckcherry are just phenomenal in concert, but whatever the case, the band sounded terrific on this night of their tour. Captured in all of its live glory, these 15 songs tell the perfect tale of a Buckcherry concert. Josh Todd is in total frontman form, working the crowd and forcing their response with little effort. The band sounds studio perfect on every one of these 15 hits.

The early treasures are the best part of Live & Loud. Check Your Head, Lit Up and For The Movies are as powerful as they were during their release in 1999. The band’s decision to include the little known Lawless and Lulu on the live recording is a diehard fan’s treat. Almost unrecognizable at the mention of the title, once the first verse kicks in, it’s easy to imagine everyone nodding their head and saying, “Yeah, I know that song. I forgot about this one.”

A deeper surprise is the last song on the disc, Cream. Having never heard this song live in concert, it was a real pleasure to enjoy it live on this CD. The live version is just as good as its studio sister, and it was a perfect ending to a fantastic concert disc.

Holding high in the ranks with other notable live releases over the years, Live & Loud is a Buckcherry at their finest; a live recording containing enough deep cuts, new hits, and debut album classics to keep every fan happy. The only complaint that can be offered is the lack of cuts from their second album Time Bomb. While Ridin’ is included, the lack of other classics like Porno Star or Slamin’ is a disappointment, albeit a minor one.

Live & Loud is an excellent concert recording and a must have for the collection. It sets the stage for the fans to start demanding a live DVD, which hopefully will be recorded in the near future.

Ryo’s Rating: 8.5 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Tired of You
Next 2 You
Broken Glass
Check Your Head
Lit Up
Talk To Me
Rescue Me
For The Movies
Lawless and Lulu
Crazy Bitch

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