Monday, November 9, 2009

The High Cost Of Tours

Recently, the not so highly anticipated Kanye West and Lady Ga-Ga tour was called off. Though no official reason was given, Kanye did mention that he needed to “take some time off” following the Taylor Swift incident.

This is not why the tour was cancelled. The tour was cancelled because tickets were not selling at all. The reason? They prices were astronomical. When are artists going to learn to lower their ticket prices? $56 - $256 to see performers with a handful of hits between the two of them? Not worth the money!

These artists never seem to get the message. Fans are no longer willing to shell out that much money for a concert. $256 could feed my family (of 3) for a month. Hmmm, let’s eat for a month or see one show. I wouldn’t even spend that much money on KISS or the Boss. How on Earth can Kanye West or Lady Ga-Ga really think that they deserve that much money for a ticket to see them perform a concert? And who is paying that much money to see them perform? Oh, that’s right, apparently, no one.

Musicians, listen up! If you want to continue to have sold out shows and make a lot of money, lower your ticket prices! Gone are the days of corporations buying all the super expensive seats. And the fans are not going to fill the gap by buying those tickets. Pay attention and drop the price.

As for the cancelled Kanye and Lady Ga-Ga tour, no word on whether they will be touring separately. Not that their fans would flock to those shows anyway.

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