Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Changing Of The Guards Part Three

In this three part series, I’m examining the bands that are on their way out, the bands that are in their prime, and the bands that are ready to take over the spotlight.

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Part Three: Bands Ready To Take The Limelight

Although they have been together for over 10 years, Buckcherry are still new to the total domination of the world. Huge in the States, and gathering force throughout the rest of the world, Buckcherry is but one major headlining world tour away from being the next powerhouse, poised to stay around for 20, 30, or more years. When the band is on their game, they are unstoppable, as they showed during both the CrueFest and their current opening slot on the Kiss tour. Behind the album 15 they went on a never ending tour that lasted over 300 shows, which proves their commitment to their art. And the more a band tours, the larger the fan base they are going to attract. If there’s a band ready to be thrust into the spotlight and fill the void left by bands that are moving on or falling apart, Buckcherry is the band to accomplish just that. They are ready to take it to the next level and show the world what they are all about.

Papa Roach
Hot on the heels of Buckcherry is another exceptional band that not enough fans know about yet, Papa Roach. This is a band that has also been around for 10 years and has slowly built a loyal, die-hard following, one fan at a time. Their live show is insane with energy, the likes of which you’ve never seen. Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix is a madman in concert, always providing unlimited entertainment, interacting with the fans, and involving the crowd in every way possible. When performing live, Papa Roach deliver fans their money’s worth every single performance. Their musical style is evolving, and they are winning over new fans while keeping their longtime fans satisfied. With tours that never seem to end in between hit records, Papa Roach shows no signs of slowing down or calling it quits. They are here for the long haul and they are poised to take over as one of the next huge hard rock acts.

With their next release (which will hopefully be out in 2010), Hinder is going to take over the rock world. There is no holding them back anymore, they are a band on the edge and they need just one more hit record to spring them into eternal greatness. Partying the likes of Guns N Roses, Van Halen, or Motley Crue in their heydays, producing exceptional rock and roll music complete with huge power ballads for the girls, and raunchy rockers for the guys, Hinder is a PR man’s dream. Both of their releases are smashing successes filled with excellent songs that sound even better live. The more you listen to this band, the bigger a fan you become. Haters (and there are plenty of them) take note: Hinder is the next level of greatness and they are going to be around for a very long time.

Theory of a Deadman
Although having been together since the early 2000s, Theory of a Deadman recently exploded across the scene with the massive Scars & Souvenirs, their third studio album. Backed by the radio friendly, chart topping hits, Bad Girlfriend, So Happy, and the teenage angst ridden, young adult understanding, older upset male chanting anthem, Hate My Life, Theory of a Deadman have found their voice and their audience. Initially written off as a Nickelback wannabe band, Theory have shown that they are worthy of their own audience of devout fans. Winning people over on the Motley Crue tour (twice) and crossing the country on their own club tour, Theory is getting road tested and proving their worth. Within 5 years, this will be the hottest ticket in town.

Love them or hate them, Nickelback is here to stay. They are one (two at the most) release away from launching themselves into the bands in their prime category and going down in history as a must see show. I know the haters want to write them off faster than Creed, but Nickelback is a band having fun, making great rock music, and living to perform live. While they record solid, pop radio friendly power ballads and cheese rock, there’s something about their music that just makes you feel good. And that feel good intensity carries over into their stage show. They put on a great performance every night, get the fans excited, interactive with them on every conceivable level, and give their best every time they hit the stage. Extensive nonstop touring behind their last two releases has only helped the band gain in popularity. Bringing out hot opening acts like Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, or Seether show their versatility and willingness to break into other markets, while opening those bands to Nickelback’s plethora of rabid fans. With their show and stage antics, Nickelback are true performers at heart. They don’t just go up and perform, behind the leadership of frontman Chad Kroeger, they put on a show. And it is that showmanship that is going to keep these guys rocking until the 2030s and beyond.

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