Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Doors - December 11, 1970

Every Thursday The Rock and Roll Guru provides brief commentary on a setlist from a recent or classic concert.

For this week’s edition of Setlist Thursday, I thought I would go way back into the past and visit one of my favorite classic rock groups, The Doors. This setlist is from their final full concert with Jim Morrison (their final concert with Jim took place the following night, but was cut short when Jim stormed off the stage). The concert took place at in Dallas, Texas at the Dallas McFarlin auditorium.

There are a few interesting points to note. The first is that this is the only time Love Her Madly, The Changeling, and L.A. Woman were ever performed. The second is the length of the show. Six songs? What the heck? However, I did a lot of research and apparently the average length of a Doors concert back then was one hour, and approximately 8 songs. I guess concerts were a lot different back then.

When you hear about how The Doors played Madison Square Garden, you think of these marathon jam events that went on forever. Nope. One hour and on to the next city. It’s hard to fathom that today, especially knowing what a big business concerts have become. Back then, it was all about the experience, I suppose.

Love Her Madly
Back Door Man
Ship Of Fools
The Changeling
L.A. Woman
When The Music’s Over

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