Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday's Rockin' Roundup - Rumored 2010 Tours Edition

2009 is coming to a close but as the year winds down the 2010 tour rumors are just heating up! So, what will be the big tours for next year? Which big acts are going to team up to form the ultimate double bill? Will Aerosmith re-group for a summer tour? When will Guns N Roses announce some US tour dates? This week’s edition of the roundup looks at the hot rumors, wishes, and confirmed tours for 2010.

The hottest rumors around the internet right now is the buzz about a possible Fleetwood Mac/Eagles double bill. Cousin Ryo is salivating over the thought that Leather & Lace could be played by Fleetwood Mac with Don Henley as a special guest. That would be a show stopper for sure!

Hot off recent stage appearances together, the buzz is out there about a potential Dokken/Lynch Mob tour. Egos may get in the way of this one, but a double bill of George Lunch bands is something I would pay good money to see. If you could add Souls Of We to the mix, it would definitely earn my top dollar. That would be quite a concert!

Pearl Jam looks to be cooking up some North American dates for the summer. Could they be bringing the Backspacer tour to NYC, which got snubbed in the fall (due to the closing of the spectrum)? Only time will tell for sure, but things are looking to line up for a massive dose of Pearl Jam in 2010.

Winger has released an excellent new CD, so it’s safe to assume that they’d like to tour behind it. The question is would they do a club tour or team up with other awesome 80s metal bands to bring a traveling hair fest? We know Vince Neil has the summer off and Poison has yet to announce any plans. Cinderlla is also available. That would make for one amazing travelling bill. Let’s hope this one happens!

And here’s a list of confirmed tour dates from certain acts for next year. It looks like 2010 is gearing up to be another spectacular concert year. And I’m sure that there is plenty more to come!

Bon Jovi


Bryan Adams


Dave Matthews Band

Theory of a Deadman


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