Thursday, December 17, 2009

Setlist Thursday: Led Zeppelin - July 7, 1980

Every Thursday The Rock and Roll Guru provides brief commentary on a setlist from a recent or classic concert.

This is the last concert that John Bonham ever performed with Led Zeppelin before his untimely demise. The concert took place in Berlin Germany. Led Zeppelin is one of the few bands that I regret not ever being able to see in concert. From scrutinizing the setlist, this must have been one hell of a concert. Just to hear Jimmy Page’s opening riffs of Kashmir would send chills down my spine. I can understand why fans and execs are juiced to have Led Zeppelin get together for one big tour. I’d pay close to $200 to see them and I don’t pay that kind of money for any concert. Look at this setlist! Amazing!

The Train Kept A Rolling
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Black Dog
In The Evening
The Rain Song
Hot Dog
All My Love
Trampled Underfoot
Since I’ve Been Loving You
White Summer
Black Mountain Side
Stairway To Heaven
Rock and Roll
Whole Lotta Love

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