Sunday, May 30, 2010

Black Robot - Black Robot

After the dismantling and reassembling of Buckcherry left some former members sitting on the sidelines, Jonathan Brightman, Yogi Lonich, and Devon Glenn got together to form a new band. The result was Black Robot, and their self-titled debut album bears the fruit of their labor. Living under the shadow of their former bandmates must have only motivated this band even more, because Black Robot is one kick ass record!

Leading off with the hopped up, feel good, Baddass, Black Robot show off their rock skills right away. The lead track gets everything started with a groove that is gritty and rock fueled. With lead singer Huck Johns singing about women, wine, and good times, Baddass sets the stage for the rest of the record. Baddass is a song that could be a huge hit over the summer. It’s meant to be played at maximum volume while cruising down the highway. It would also work well in a Hollywood movie soundtrack.

A cover of Eric Clapton’s Cocaine is done with brilliance. Johns’ high vocals and lead guitarist Andy Andersson’s shredding solos take this beloved classic and inject new life into it. Released as the album’s first single (and video), Black Robot’s cover of Cocaine is an exceptional tune. Their vision of this song and their reinterpretation of how it should be performed are brilliant.

One of the most innovative songs on the record is 23 Days of Night. Huck Johns lets his inner Ozzy out and Andersson does his best Toni Iommi impression. This song is hard, heavy, and will kick you in the teeth. By far the hardest rocking song on Black Robot, 23 Days of Night is something that any metal enthusiast is bound to love.

The fact that a ballad follows their heaviest song is slightly amusing. Stop The World, is one of two ballads on the album. Both ballads are strong, but Stop The World is a little more enjoyable. The acoustic guitar and piano blend accompany Johns’ vocals perfectly. A slow, melodic track, Stop The World is a romantic crooner that shows the other side of Black Robot.

An adrenaline fueled ride of fun, Black Robot is a very good time spilled out over 13 tracks. If you’re a fan of Buckcherry, Black Stone Cherry, or Chuck Berry, you’re going to want to get your hands on Black Robot. It’s hard rock and roll meets the modern blues and it’ll knock you on your ass. Black Robot will be available in stores everywhere on June 8th.

Ryo’s Rating: 8.5 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Momma Don’t Cry
Girls Kissing Girls
I’m In Love
In My Car
Black Robot
Love on a .45
23 Days of Night
Stop the World
Nervous Breakdown

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