Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tesla/Joan Jett - July 14, 2001


Let me preface this post by stating that it could be the worst concert review ever written. If you do not want to read any further, your Cousin Ryo would not hold it against you, nor be offended. I don’t even know if I will ever read this post again. The problem with this concert is that I just don’t remember that much about it. I know I was there. I know I saw Tesla and Joan Jett. I think Candlebox opened, but I can’t be sure.

Part of the reason I don’t remember this concert that well is because I attended it with an emotionally abusive ex-girlfriend that I was dating at the time. Our relationship was a rocky one at best. Very on-again, off-again, and I was a glutton for the abuse. The snide comments were never ending and there was always a dig on my passion for music or baseball. Like I said, it was not the best relationship.

So on a hot summer’s day in July, way back in 2001, I went to WDHA’s Rock The Park to see Joan Jett, Tesla, and maybe Candlebox. I’m pretty certain that there was a fourth band in there too, but I’ll be damned if I remember who it was. WDHA is a local rock station in Northern New Jersey, and for years they sponsored a big, annual event known as “Rock The Park”. Tickets were always $10.55 (Because the station was on 105.5 FM) and they always had decent bands performing. For 11 bucks, how could I not attend this show?

Some band opened and they may have performed well, but they may have stunk too. Whoever the group was, I don’t remember them. And as I mentioned, I want to say that Candlebox performed. If they did, they were decent, and if they didn’t, then I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. (I warned you that this review was horrendous).

Here’s what I do know/remember. Joan Jett was still hot. Dressed in her tight jeans and a very loose, very revealing tank top, Joan Jett looked great! I would have definitely been her groupie for the night. She came out and rocked the park, playing a great variety of hits and some newer tracks as well. She even played one song from her underrated album, Fetish. Which one? Heck, I can’t remember. But I know when she performed it, I was happy as hell, because I love that album.

Was I drunk? No, there was no drinking at that show. If I drank, the nit picking from my girlfriend would have caused me to start yelling and then a big fight would have ensued, so I usually didn’t drink when she was around. As I mentioned, it was some relationship.

Tesla came out as the big headliners and I know they rocked the park. They definitely played Signs, which I sang at the top of my lungs and then got smacked for singing “I made up my own fucking sign.” The ex didn’t like the cursing in public. I argued that I was singing along to the song, but whatever.

I can also remember Tesla playing Little Suzi, Love Song (of course) and Modern Day Cowboy. While I don’t recall what else they performed, I know Tesla was on stage for 90 minutes and that they were a solid live band. I even told myself that I would have to see them again, but to this day I have not. I don’t know why, perhaps I worry that it will remind me too much of my abusive ex. Who knows?

Anyway, Joan Jett was great and Tesla was superb. WDHA put on a great Rock The Park and for the cheap price tag, it couldn’t be beat. Obviously there’s no setlist for this one. I don’t even know the full line up, you expect me to remember the setlist? What’s wrong with you?

Comments are open. If anyone was there and knows the full line up or setlists, please feel free to post them.


Anonymous said...

The opening band was Seven Mary Three (no Candlebox), Joan Jett was a bit po'd backstage...something about the limo or feeling second fiddle, and she gave an angrier than usual performance and I do remember she looked great. Tesla was excellent, as was the day and fact that it wasn't crowded at all and you could really enjoy the concert.

Ryo Vie said...

Seven Mary Three! That's who opened. I vaguely remember that now. And it makes total sense, because WDHA used to play "Cumbersome" all the time! Thanks for the clarification.