Sunday, May 16, 2010

CD Review: Sweet Cyanide

L.A. sleaze by way of New York City, that sums up the sound of Sweet Cyanide. Their self titled debut album, Sweet Cyanide, is a playful collection of innuendo, wild partying, glam, sleaze rock and roll. Sweet Cyanide is an incredible debut that shows the strength of this party band. In the vein of Hinder or Social Code, Sweet Cyanide is the new wave of party metal and they are a band worth checking out.

Sweet Cyanide leads off with the heavy rocking, Crash Theory, which is a kick ass song to get you in the mood to rock. With pounding drums, ripping guitar, and a voice that is hard to define, yet sounds divine, Crash Theory is a great introduction to a marvelous album.

Lead singer Sal Scoca has a unique voice that’s not quite sunset strip, not quite heavy metal. He’s the perfect frontman for Sweet Cyanide’s sound and style. He also serves double duty on guitar and combined with second guitarist Joe Salvvatore, they play some excellent riffs and solos. If you’re a fan of the guitar solo, you’re gonna love some of the work showcased on Sweet Cyanide.
Black & White is a moderate tempo that finds you tapping your feet and singing along in no time. The bass line groove is so funky good that it makes you smile. Black & White is a happy song about “you and me” against the world. Scoca makes you believe that it’s all right to fight the world if necessary, in fact, it’s as easy as black and white. The message in the music is strong and powerful.

The best song on the album is, without question, Under The Sun. With several changes, musical layers, and some exceptional guitar work, Under The Sun is a beautiful rock song. It starts fast with short, choppy riffs, then builds into a long, built up, towering wall of music that slowly rises to a climax and explodes. A fantastic musical journey, Under The Sun finds Sweet Cyanide at their best.

The disc’s final song, When We Were Young is a bit of a disappointment compared to the rest of the album. A slow, acoustic number that lacks the flare of the previous nine tracks, When We Were Young is a throw away track that may grow on you after a few listens. Sweet Cyanide would have been better served with one more party rocker instead. However, it’s the only black mark on an otherwise superb disc.

With short, catchy choruses, quick rapid fire, sing along style verses, and a glam sound that fits their style, Sweet Cyanide is a fun band worth checking out. Their self-titled debut record is a must own for any fan of the glam scene, or for any fan looking for some exciting rock and roll. Guaranteed to rock, Sweet Cyanide is worth adding to your collection.

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Ryo’s Rating – 8 (out of 10)

Track Listing
Crash Theory
Black & White
American Me
Certain Shadows On The Hill
Between Us
I Wish U Would
Under The Sun
When We Were Young

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