Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dion Roy - The Nearest Light

Coming off his amazing debut album, Gallery, Dion Roy has returned with a treat for the ears. A four-track EP, The Nearest Light is his latest offering. The first thought that comes to mind when listening to The Nearest Light is how utterly fantastic it is. Usually four song EPs are nothing more than stop gaps to hold fans over until the next real project. That’s not the case with The Nearest Light. This is four excellent songs that every fan of Dion Roy is bound to love. While Gallery was mostly acoustic folk with slower melodies, The Nearest Light is backed by a full band (although, I believe Dion played most of the instruments himself), and has a much heavier sound. This new style only enhances the musical experience and shows the depth of Dion Roy.

The EP opens with the lead single, The Wave. This is one of Dion’s strongest songs and an excellent introduction to the new direction of his music. The electric guitar and crashing drum beats are noticeable right away. Dion’s voice never sounded better than it does on this track. The Wave has summer hit written all over it. A heavier rock melody, The Wave is an excellent opening track and a solid rock song.

Dirty Hotel Scenery is the next song and is just as enjoyable as the previous track. A fast paced, foot tapping, modern folk song, Dirty Hotel Scenery is magnificent. The guitars (both electric and acoustic) are prominent, and Dion’s voice resonates strong. This is another fun-filled summertime tune that deserves to be blaring from car stereos while cruising the strip down the shore.

Of Grey could possibly be the best Dion Roy song ever recorded. This track is deep with musical layers. Dion’s voice turns dark and husky, which is fitting for this melody. The song starts slow and melodic before exploding into an intense hook that is stark and powerful. The musical changes on Of Grey are detailed and delightful. A lot of thought went into the creation of this song and it shows. The most advanced Dion Roy song I’ve heard, Of Grey is his best song to date.

The EP closes with Long Way Down, a superb rock song that is coated in Dion’s signature soft toned style. Another song routed deep in melody changes throughout, Long Way Down solidifies the evolution of Dion Roy. Another strong song backed by a full band, Long Way Down closes out this EP in style. If the future of Dion Roy is going to sound like this, then please sign me up for all his subsequent releases!

The Nearest Light is available on ITunes now. Visit for details and to pick up your copy. You need to own this EP.

Track Listing
The Wave
Dirty Hotel Scenery
Of Grey
Long Way Down

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