Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aerosmith - December 27, 1998

As I write these “concert memoirs” for The Rock And Roll Guru every once in a while I come across a concert that I can’t quite recall much about. Such is the case with the Aerosmith concert that I attended on December 27, 1998.

The Continental Airlines Arena in my beloved home state of New Jersey was where I would see Aerosmith live for the third time in my life. The first time I was not that impressed, and rather disappointed. The second time they were much better and renewed my faith in the band. That is why I chose to see them a third time, in December of 1998.

Still out on the road in support of Nine Lives, Aerosmith was holding themselves to a grueling tour schedule. Quite possibly one of the most ambitious tours the band ever embarked on, The Nine Lives tour lasted more than two years and took the band all over the globe. Aerosmith would be out on the road for another six months after this performance.

My wife (at the time) Nancy and I decided to see Aerosmith for a third time, two days after Christmas. I don’t remember if it was a Christmas present to each other, but I know that we went together. We went to a lot of concerts during that time frame in my life, as they were something we both thoroughly enjoyed.

I have no idea who opened that night. It obviously wasn’t someone memorable (like Jackyl) or I would recall the opening act. I can’t tell you what song they came out to, I can’t tell you what was in the encore, hell I can’t even tell you most of the songs they played. What I do know is this – Aerosmith kicked ass that night. How can I say that if I can’t recall a damned thing about the show? Because it was this concert that solidified me willing to see them live whenever they came to town in the future. That means it was a hell of a show!

What I remember most from this night is that the band played Lord of the Thighs live. Ever since buying Classics Live as the age of 15, I had loved that song. The version they do on that live record is amazing and to witness it live so many years later was the highlight of my time seeing Aerosmith in concert. I had no idea the band was going to pull that one out, and when I heard the opening notes, I went nuts. I high-fived the guy next to me and both of us screamed in each other’s face. This was classic Aerosmith at its finest. The performance was brilliant and it made the evening for me.

I also know that the two singles from the Armageddon soundtrack were played. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing and What Kind Of Love Are You On were both performed live. Since then, the latter song doesn’t get played much at Aerosmith concerts and the former gets played too much. It would be nice to see Aerosmith rip out What Kind Of Love Are You On for their current tour.

So on a cold December night in New Jersey, Aerosmith came, saw, and kicked major ass. It’s just that I don’t recall much, or anything at all about the show. I would see the band again though, and that is a post for another time.

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