Sunday, August 29, 2010

Buckcherry - All Night Long

The band once dubbed as “the saviors of rock and roll” return with their 5th studio album, All Night Long. Coming off the strong Black Butterfly, All Night Long is a continuation of the hard rock sound that has made Buckcherry such a popular hard rock act.

All Night Long launches with the title track, a heavy rocker that is immediately enjoyable. The cowbell kicks it off (and reminds us of the hysterical SNL skit) and then the guitars kick in and the song is off and running. All Night Long is a simple hard rock song that Buckcherry has become famous for. Josh Todd’s voice is in fine form and rock and roll is ever present on this opening track.

It’s A Party follows and continues the good time rock and roll. Another raw rocker, It’s A Party is hard, heavy, and fast. This is a song about good times, good women, and good drink. Let the fun continue, Buckcherry is leading the party and we should all join in.

These Things, the first ballad of the disc, draws on the strength of Buckcherry’s slower songs. Another magnificent ballad (think Cream or Sorry), These Things is bound to be a big hit, especially with the ladies. The melodic and powerful guitar riffs soak this song with beauty. Todd’s voice is at its peak, and the blend of music and vocals pull These Things together into a superb song.

All Night Long goes a little flat after These Things. While the first three tracks are amazing songs that show Buckcherry still has what it takes to make a fantastic record, the next group of songs is a step down lyrically, musically, and enjoyably. It’s not to say that they are horrendous songs, just not as strong as the opening three.

Oh My Lord suffers from clich├ęd lyrics (Oh my Lord, you are hotter than a firestorm) and basic chords, lacking in depth and solos. Recovery is just a lame song overall. The good news about Recovery is that it’s the shortest song on the record, clocking in at 3:00 minutes. Recovery is a song that wants to be a hard and heavy anthem, but falls short due to poor organization and arrangement. Never Say Never is another song that’s just not that good. The song tells a story of young lovers, but the story isn’t quite clear, and while the chorus is strong, the verses are weak, which damages the song overall.

The rest of the album rebounds nicely with a second ballad, I Want You, and some nice rockers to close out the disc, particularly the green themed Our World. Buckcherry sings about how we only have one world and we need to make the most of it. Be conscious of your friends and neighbors and do your part to help the world. A song with deep meaning that isn’t centered on girls or booze, this is quite a change for Buckcherry, but a welcome one. Our World is one of the best songs on All Night Long and shows that the band has depth beyond their usual muses.

Overall, All Night Long is a fine album that’s worth adding to your collection. If you love sleaze rock, or if you’re a fan of Buckcherry, then adding this album to your weekly rotation is a simple choice. If you’re on the fence, give Our World or It’s A Party a listen. Those songs should be enough to help you make up your mind.

Ryo’s Rating: 7.5 out of 10

All Night Long
It’s A Party
These Things
Oh My Lord
Never Say Never
I Want You
Our World

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