Monday, August 30, 2010

New Music Monday - Free Downloads

It’s time for another edition of New Music Monday. This time The Guru has a couple of great, free downloads for your ears to consume.

Love Darling – This Time
A soft acoustic blend of pop and power, This Time by Love Darling is a smooth enjoyable song that is hard to compare. It is definitely worth downloading and enjoying. I particularly like lead singer Shay Magro’s vocals on this track. They are very sultry and inviting.

LoveDarling ThisTime by AkidaMusic

Downtown/ Union – Keep The Engine Running
This is absolutely phenomenal indie rock. If there is one song that you take the time to download this summer, this is the one it should be. Songs like Keep The Engine Running are what make me continue collecting music.

Keep The Engine Running- Downtown/Union by artofbroadcast

Enjoy the free music. Happy Monday!

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